Why Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Has Been Able to Catch Amazon So Quickly

Any time the conversation turns to how dominant Amazon is in the online apparel niche, you have to really stand back in awe of their success. With thousands of clothing companies all fighting for the same customer and dollar, Amazon simply glides to the top of that market pulling down over 20 percent of all those clothing sales. That means the other thousand businesses are scratching and clawing for the rest, part of the reason so many fail in their first year in that crowded niche.


Kate Hudson’s Fabletics not only was able to claw their way out of that pack, they are today thriving. In a little under three years, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics was able to sell $250 million in women’s yoga pants, tanks tops, and leggings. These active wear sales are no fluke either. the company is going to continue to break sales records and give Amazon fits this year.


According to how Hudson sees the success of her athleisure brand, it all comes down to a few key elements. The first is her unique membership program, the second is a sales technique known as reverse showrooming. She encourages people to drive to the local Fabletics stores at the mall to see these processes in real-time. In the mall stores, you have women taking the Lifestyle Quiz, trying on everything in the store, window-shopping, and leaving without making purchases many times.


How can customers be allowed to leave the stores and not buy but still maintain $250 million is sales?


This is where the secret to Kate Hudson’s Fabletics lies. These customers are members, and as members, they know that anything they try on inside the store will be uploaded right to their online account. That means they can return shopping exactly where they left off when they have the time. When they do visit the Kate Hudson’s Fabletics online store, the cart has those items they tried on, so they can keep shopping for new vibrant colors, different styles, or jump all over the new releases so they are the first to have them when they hit the gym this week.


As you can see, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has found a way to connect with the customer on a different level, not only showing them appreciation for their patronage, but rewarding them every step of the way. In addition to your own shopping assistant, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics members enjoy free shipping, discounted pricing, and no-hassle return policies.