Bridget Scarr is the executive producer of Colibri Studios. In London is where Colibri Studios was situated, the United Kingdom, the company, came into being in the year 2016 in March. Bridget Scarr is also a talented songwriter, singer and oversees the daily operations of Colibri Studios. Bridget Scarr studied at Rhodes University where she got a BA degree. She has moved from production to creating content than film production. Bridget Scarr spends most of the day in Colibri Studios doing content development. She can put her creativity in this Colibri studio. She can showcase her talents in one place because the firm is flexible. Bridget begins her day by doing meditation which helps her to relax her mind. The unity that is in her family is one of the things that keeps her going. It is one of the pillars in the productivity of her work.


During the day she takes three hours to concentrate and come up with new ideas. She goes home to eat her lunch where she can spend most of her time with her family. After she finishes her meal, she heads back to the office where she can make follow-ups on emails, sales agents, producers or read a book. Bridget says that the best way to succeed is to have the right team or people while doing a project. She focuses on virtual reality which creates interaction to create a wide range of responsibilities. Bridget Scarr develops content that moves from television to digital content, augmented reality, the interactive exhibition, and virtual reality. Her experience has been in advertising, video, and animation for more than 15 years. The responsibility of Bridget Scarr is creative development and technical production of teams across different outputs such as factual entertainment, animations, and factual entertainment programming.


Bridget Scarr achievements are; being co-founder at the live VR where there are live realities through partner and experiential engagement. Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media. Bridget Scarr has worked together with her partners from the year 2008 to 2015 where there has been a growth of employees from 5 to 200.


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