Securus Technologies: One of the Best Performing Tech Firms in the Prison Industry

Securus Technologies is a tech firm based in Dallas, Texas. This company is the leading provider of public safety tools and telecommunication services to correctional facilities. Currently, Securus Technologies caters to more than 3,450 law enforcement agencies and prisons within and outside the United States. Some of the services provided by this company include information management, biometric analysis, investigation, inmate self-service, emergency response, and incident management.


Reports from satisfied customers


Securus Technologies is led by President Richard Smith, a talented executive that carries the vision for the company. Securus Technologies has won numerous awards, including the Stevie Awards for Sales and Customer Service. Securus Technologies recently posted letters received from their customers. Below are congratulatory messages drafted by satisfied clients:


  • A customer thanked Securus Technologies for helping them with a case that led to the arrest of a corrupt official. This client congratulated this company‚Äôs products and promised to keep using them.


  • Another customer narrated how he monitored inmate calls leading to the acquisition of evidence regarding a past crime that led to the shooting of a civilian.


  • A correctional facility thanked Securus Technologies tools for providing them with tools that have helped them maintain sanity in the prison system. This center also congratulated the company for improving safety in the prisons.


  • Securus Technologies was acknowledged for introducing products that help in monitoring and inhibiting entry of drugs, money, and alcohol in prisons.


  • This company was also commended for their efforts in helping solve crimes within the prison walls. One client thanked Securus Technologies for assisting them to detect harassment and threats to security officials in the correctional facility.



  • One client rated Securus Technologies as the best performing Telecommunication Company in America.