Waiakea Executives Discuss Companies New Merger With Whole Foods

Crunchbase revealed that the executives of the Waiakea water production company have recently participated in an interview with a Hawaiian business magazine to discuss the company’s new merger with the Whole Foods franchise. Waiakea’s presence in the Whole Foods establishment represents a major milestone for the water manufacturer.

The Whole Foods franchise is one of the largest health food conglomerates in the world and has facilities in more than 75 countries around the world. Waiakea’s executives have stated that their merger with Whole Foods is extremely exciting for the Waiakea team because the merger will increase visibility of the company’s primary product, introduce the company’s volcanic water to an incredibly diverse audience, and establish Waiakea’s volcanic water as a legitimate health food product.

Increasing the Visibility of Volcanic Water

Waiakea executives have discussed the merger with Whole Foods as it relates to the increase in product visibility for the Waiakea brand. Although Waiakea has had a massive level of success for a start-up, the company’s success pales in comparison to a corporate giant like the Whole Foods franchise. By introducing volcanic water through the venue of Whole Foods, Waiakea executives expect to drastically increase the visibility of the brand of water and increase sales for the company.

Introducing Waiakea’s Product to Diverse Audiences

Waiakea executives also discussed the types of potential new customers that will come in contact with the company’s product through the Whole Foods venue. Executives believe that a Whole Foods introduction will allow the Waiakea Spring brand of volcanic water to be viewed and sampled by a wide variety of individuals. Currently, Waiakea’s volcanic water sales are made up of a large percentage of Hawaiian natives and citizens of Western and costal states. Because of Waiakea’s merger with Whole Foods, the product will be heavily available to citizens in numerous states and countries.

Establish Waiakea’s Volcanic Water As a Legitimate Health Food Product

Waiakea’s executives have expressed excitement on behalf of the company that the merger with Whole Foods will impact the product’s reputation as a legitimate health food product in a positive way. Although the volcanic water produced by Waiakea has always had health benefits, its inclusion in the Whole Foods line up of products will emphasize the products usefulness in the eyes of consumers.

Whole Foods has built a brand based on the service of customers through the provision of healthy products in a grocery atmosphere. According to Forbes, Waiakea water customers can now be assured that their products are worthy of a healthy food status.