The Life of Geoffrey Cone

Tax lawyer Geoffrey Cone assures people that it is a very false rumor concerning New Zealand being a tax haven. A tax haven is described as a county has no or low tax regulations, there is no transparency, and there is no exchange of information with other countries. The truth is not what the media wants you to believe: That New Zealand is chock full of rich people living the high life with top financial deals, taking full advantage of the country’s tax haven status. The reality is that New Zealand isn’t even close to being OECD’s list of worldwide tax havens.


This organization’s opinion of such matters really counts. Their 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the standard by all the world defines tax havens. New Zealand follows this definition so closely that it was one of the first countries to be placed on its list for countries who abide by their rules and regulations. New Zealand not only abides by OECD regulations, it has tax laws and procedures that are tighter than just about anyone else. And it boasts a transparency that is among the top in the world.


Near the top of leadership in the New Zealand tax lawyer world is the aforementioned Geoffrey Cone. Cone has been highly involved with tax law in the country since 1980. He first attended and graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a post-graduate degree in tax and trust law. Immediately after graduating in 1980, he began practicing law in Auckland, New Zealand and later in Christchurch, New Zealand. He rose in the ranks of tax experience during those years, appearing in the courts as lead counsel many times.


In 1995, began work as a litigator for the British West Indies. Then in 1997 he finally returned to Auckland to develop his own practice. In 1999, he officially opened Cone Marshall Limited for business. To this day, the firm specializes in international trust and tax planning, but also provides trustee and trust management services. Cone is not all business. He is devoted to developing his life with his wife as well. Cone’s success has afforded them a very comfortable lifestyle. The two are especially proud of a home they purchased in Uruguay in 2010. It was designed and built by famed Argentine architect, Martin Gomez, who has successfully done the same for over 500 homes in the same area. Although the couple did have a few ideas and personal desires for the home, Gomez was basically given free reign to design what he wanted. Gomez ended up building their two gorgeous cabins and three permanent tents on raised platforms around the native trees.