The Kabbalah Centre and the Tithe Test

Have you ever wished that there was a deeper purpose to life than just juggling your busy schedule and responsibilities at work? The Kabbalah Centre exists to help tired people find the purpose that they are seeking. The need to have meaning is deep in the soul of humanity. Ancient Jewish Rabbis use mystical wisdom to remove evil from their lives. Until recently, Kabbalah was unknown to the general public. Today, the Kabbalah Centre is making people from all over the world be more effective and ready to cope with the challenges of their day.

The tithe test is an excellent way to watch Kabbalah Centre at work in your life. This ancient method of prosperity has many skeptics, most ironically in the religious community. But those who practice the tithe report vast satisfaction from doing so. What is the tithe? In the ancient prophet book of Malachi, the Creator commands the Jews to give him 10% of their first earnings, to feed the poor and the priests. He then says, “Test me in this, and see if your barns will not have plenty.”

Although modern airheads may scoff at applying this spiritual tool to their life, “What? I give to get?” Those who do so often report immense satisfaction. You can try the test just for a month, and then see what occurs. Kabbalah working in action for you. Make a list of your current income. Chop off the first 10% and give it to your favorite charity or altruistic cause. Do this for a month. Record what spiritual happens in your life, and compare it with the month where you did not give. Many people who do the tithe test find their doubts about the Creator’s existence vanishing, new jobs appearing out of nowhere, and relationships being restored. The power of the tithe is still there for all to try.

Some of the wealthiest people in the world tithe, and they often attribute their success to obedient practice of Kabbalah’s wisdom. You too can join the many who have found joy and growth from practicing Kabbalah. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at 1-800-KABBALAH to get more info.