Philadelphia’s New Salary History Law Featuring Karl Heideck

Karl Heideck
Karl Heideck

A new law in Philadelphia is causing a large group of employers to sweat. In Early 2017 Mayor Jim Kenney signed off on the new salary history law making Philly a pioneer in employee rights. Now companies wanting to do business in the city may face fines for inquiring as to how much the people they employee have made in the past.

A few weeks before the new rule was set to go into effect, Philadelphia’s Chamber of Commerce stood up to argue against it. They managed to get the new salary rule postponed for a time but in early June of 2017 the lawsuit was thrown out. The original complaint had failed to show which of the chamber members would suffer due to the legislation.


Lawsuits filed by the chamber would require specifying companies that currently rely on inquiring about the salary history of employees during the interview process. The salary history law has an uncertain time ahead. In the mean time employers have to be made aware of the consequences of prying directly into past employee financial relationships.

This story highlights the legal realities faced by business owners everyday. A new law is passed and business owners have to adapt to survive. The only way make it to the top is to surround yourself with good people that possess the right skills. One of those people is Karl Heideck, a contract attorney.

Karl Heideck has been listed by Hire Counsel since April 2015. Before that he fought for equality all around Philly. His skills range from file clerking and customer service to practicing before and after trial clean up. With 8 years of experience Karl Heideck is a capable and trustworthy advocate.

Today, Karl Heideck offers services that range from advising on how the law affects his client and scouting out potential risk to economic security to dogged advocacy in all things commercial litigation. I for one believe that with lawyers like Karl Heideck out there that justice isn’t just a fantasy, but a promise.

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