George Soros Looks To The Grassroots To Fight The Rise Of Donald Trump

The victory of Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election came as something of a shock for most people who had believed polls stating Democrat Hillary Clinton would win election to the White House. George Soros has been a major Democrat donor for many years and returned to the U.S. political scene in 2015 in a major way with more than $25 million donated to Clinton and her Super PAC’s; prior to his return to the U.S. political landscape George Soros had spent much of the last decade seeking to bring democracy to the world through his own Open Society Foundations.

In returning to the political community of the U.S. he had remained on the periphery of since donating over $27 million to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004, George Soros showed just how important he felt the global political landscape was in 2016. Advisors for George Soros have recently revealed the Hungarian born hedge fund legend has rarely been as engaged politically as he has seemed in 2015 and 2016 because of the changing political environment; Soros has been closely monitoring global events in the European Union after becoming concerned by the refugee crisis on Forbes and the Brexit decision in the U.K. The work of the Open Society Foundations to educate individuals about democracy has also seen George Soros clash with Russian officials who did not feel their citizens needed to understand more about democracy.

As a hedge fund manager George Soros has amassed a personal fortune reported to have reached $25 million after beginning his adult life as a refugee from Communist rule in his native Hungary, where he had also survived the Holocaust during the Nazi occupation of the country. Soros has also made a recent return to active trading with his own hedge fund and felt the need for greater democratic and liberal leadership on Snopes was an important factor at a time when the man who made $1 billion in a single day by the devaluation of the British Pound in the 1990s feels the rise of right wing policies poses a major threat to open societies around the world.

The response of George Soros to the election of Donald Trump was to change his own schedule and attend the Democracy Alliance meeting of wealthy Democrat donors and politicians in Washington D.C. George Soros understands the need for swift action to fight the policies being discussed by Donald Trump, such as the construction of a border wall with Mexico and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act; Soros and other Democrat’s came together under the Democracy Alliance banner to discuss their own role in future elections as the use of Super PAC’s has become controversial for the public. A major part of the Democracy Alliance event was spent discussing a strategy for defeating the policies of the Republican party from the very first day of the Trump Administration that could destroy the legacy of President Obama just days after he leaves office.