George Gason’s Press Conference & Other Details

On March 1, 2016, District Attorney George Gascon announced at a press conference that he filed on misdemeanor and felony charges against one current and three former deputies in San Francisco, California. When he was a police chief, he was really close to the police union that he is now criticizing as being obstructionist and indifferent about the police department diversity. As a matter of fact, he even made a few racially derogatory remarks when he was heavily drinking one night with the union leaders. And with all of this in mind, Gary Delagnes, former Police Officers Association’s president, made some assertions in a sworn declaration to a blue ribbon task force concerning Gascon deliberately setting up to look for allegations of homophobia and racism within the department.

With this situation, the detailed allegations of Gascon, Delagnes, and another witness are as follows:

1. Eight days proceeding Gascon’s appearance in front of the panel on February 22, Delagnes submitted a declaration. Gascon testified in front of the panel that the police union encourages the Police Commission or chief of police the ability to implement reform that is not for better purposes.

2. With Delagnes being on the force for 25 years, and served as POA president for nine years, he is known for his verbal insults, and he saves the worse for his declaration. He stated his recounting of a 2010 dinner with Gascon; Martin Halloran, current POA President; and another union rep in Cambridge, Mass. where Gascon was drinking heavily and made several derogatory remarks about minorities. He said that Gascon was loudly animated about an African American approaching him to ask him to control his behavior because he was offending his family.

3. On the other hand, Gascon announced criminal charges against deputies allegedly forcing inmates to fight one another. He did this in San Francisco at the Hall of Justice.

4. Halloran verifies Delagne’s account, but neither Delagnes, nor Halloran give specifics. Halloran only states of the declaration speaking for itself, and Delagnes said that he will provide more details if required to testify by the blue ribbon panel of Gascon.

Others involved with this situation has stated their thoughts for or against Delagnes, and there are other ongoing statements about this situation as they continue to investigate. For more information, you can click here.

Why Gary Delagne’s Affidavit has Raised a Storm

A former Police Officers Association head, Gary Delagne recently raised a storm when he swore an affidavit claiming that the police union that he headed was a major impediment to reforms. The allegations were made during a hearing by a task force set up to investigate accusations that the department is riddled with bigotry and homophobia. The investigation team was formed by George Gascon, San Francisco’s District Attorney, and a former police chief.

Delagne himself is a distinguished career policeman having served in the force for over two decades. The last nine years of his service coincided with his presidency of the police union. During his long and successful career in the police department, Gary created a name for himself for being an outspoken defender of fellow officers. Gascon appeared before the taskforce eight days before Delagnes. He attested to the fact that the union has a major influence on the police chief. However, this influence is not beneficial in any way.

Eye-Opening Dinner

Back in 2010, the duo had dinner with the current president of the union, Martin Halloran and a union rep in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The foursome was part of an educative governance forum for police union heads. This was the brainchild of Harvard Law School. Allegedly, alcohol got the better of Gascon who started reminiscing about his service with the police department in Los Angeles. He apparently disparaged minority communities to the extent that an African American patron complained.

Halloran has come to the support of the assertions. Interestingly, both won’t give particulars about the entire incident. A spokesperson of the District Attorney’s office, Alex Bastian failed to respond to the allegations as spelt out in the affidavit. According to him, the document lacks credibility. Delagne claims that he came out after reading in the press that Gascon testified to the panel that the Police Department is worse than it was between 2009 and 2011.

The two have had a healthy working relationship for long and had dinner severally and coffee meetings on Tuesdays. The former POA president was even invited to the district attorney’s wedding. These meetings were mainly used to chart the way forward on issues revolving around the discipline of the officers.

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