OSI group is an international American company popular for meat processing. Its main headquarters are located in Aurora, Illinois in the USA. The group was first established as a family meat market by Otto Kolschowsky, a German immigrant, in 1909 at Illinois. Later on, Otto expanded his business into a wholesale meat trade which forced him to relocate to Maywood. Since then, the company grew and was known as Otto and sons for several years. It has grown over the years to the famously known OSI group partnering with the largest food companies in the world.

The company has been seen to have a good record of more than 65 facilities in 17 countries. OSI group now supplies products such as bacon, sausage, pork, seafood, poultry, beef, vegetables, cheese and cheese products as well as fruits among others. Since the opening of OSI in 1909, the group has remained passionate about meeting the demands of its customers. This explains why most of the world’s leading food companies highly recommend OSI as the top global food provider.

In addition to this, the group also has a commitment to sustaining a working environment that and appreciates employees. OSI believes that the motivation of employees is what leads to the overall success of the company. This is why they give their employees chances to seek innovative solutions and hopefully make a difference. The group gives employees a chance to learn and grow their full potential and at the same time learn to work as a team. OSI employees are also privileged to have initiatives such as Women’s Food Service Forum (WFF) and financial sponsorship of student attendance to the annual Minorities in Agriculture.

In Drapers’ Hall, London 2016, OSI received the award for Globe of Honor. This award was given to OSI as a result of the group’s dedicated efforts in coming up with environmental risk management strategies. They are known to improve the industrial environment by setting annual targets. They then monitor the targets and control them actively using their key performance measurement system. In OSI Europe, a ‘Green Purchasing’ system defines the responsibilities the responsibilities and procedures of procurement. This efficiently ensures the environmental sustainability of procured goods and services and promotes environmentally conscious suppliers. In conclusion, other than the Globe of Honor award, the group has received a lot of awards over the years delivering food solutions internationally.



David McDonald also known as Dave McDonald, David G. McDonald is the president as well as the Chief Operating Officer of OSI Group LLC. He was born and brought up at a farmhouse in the northeast of Lowa. Dave joined Lowa State University to pursue a bachelor’s degree in animal science and graduated in the year 1987. He was awarded with the Wallace E. Barron Senior Award, which is an award for outstanding academic performance, high individual character and commendable participation in university as well as associating in community activities by the Lowa State University Alumni.

Dave McDonald got his first job at OSI industries in the Chicago where he was appointed as a project manager. Dave was also an Independent Director at the Marfing Global Foods S.A. and apart from being the president as well as the Chief Operating Officer, David McDonald is the Chairman of the North American Meat Institute, the OSI International Foods Pty Limited Director and in addition serves as a member of the OSI group’s board of directors.

In his 30 years’ experience of work at the OSI Group, Mr. David McDonald has greatly influenced the growth of the Company’s investment strength. With his aim of making OSI Group the Premier Global Food Provider, Dave employs patience, flexibility and utmost trust in provision of services to customers. He has established a highly transparent platform in which they openly share their challenges with their highly esteemed customers so as to provide creative solutions to emerging problems most of them relating to customer needs as well as the ever changing marketing approaches. David G. McDonald also initiated the creation of an oversight governance with the OSI Group partners and developed expenditures approval policies for guidance in strategic decision making. He encourages product advancement teams and tariff development chefs to be innovative in which mistakes and failures are allowed while effectiveness is applauded and priority given to quality in terms of productions, wholesomeness and safety to learn more about us: click here.

During the purchase of the Baho Foods Company by the OSI Group Company, Mr. David G. McDonald said that Baho Foods Company’s Collection of products and trademarks would act as OSI Group’s compliment for its processing power and would also expand the company’s’ capabilities in providing services to their customers’ varying needs in the best way possible and as well expand and enhance the OSI Group’s competitive ability..