Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Welcomes Kevin Seawright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) is pleased to announce their new team member, Kevin Seawright. Seawright has experience in accounting, diverse capital management, as well as operations. Seawright has contributed to developing better communities along the East Coast for over 13 years. The Newark CEDC, working toward economic development by attracting, growing and bringing in new businesses, is pleased to bring Seawright on as a team leader.

Seawright has experience in the financial management of government agencies. His resume includes serving as the Managing Fiscal Officer in Baltimore dealing with Aging and Retirement. The new system he implemented saved the agency over $100,000. In addition, he worked as the Payroll Director in Baltimore City for the Housing Authority. He then became the Department of Recreation and Park’s Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. With such extensive experience in the management of these agencies, he was then appointed Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Education, a position he retained for 6 years. Moving on to dabble in real estate, Seawright worked as a strategic partner at Tito Contractors in Washington, DC. His position as the strategic partner for Finance and Human Capital gave him experience in small business development and real estate.

Currently, XRepublic writes that Seawright is using his knowledge and expertise to help the economy in the city of Newark. His mission is to increase economic development through his work with the Community Economic Development Corporation. He will also be collaborating with the Economic & Housing Development programs to maintain and increase community growth. An addition goal is to facilitate the grown of small and minority businesses, create more jobs, and in general, make the quality of life better for the residents of Newark.

Formerly Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC), Newark CEDC was founded in 2001. It was renamed and reorganized in 2014. Some of the areas this corporation deals in is improvement grants, development loans for large-scale real estate projects, counseling for businesses and entrepreneurs, discount advertising at local theaters, and exemptions and tax credits at the State level. Kevin Seawright’s experience in everything from accounting to project management will be an asset to this diversified organization. From his positions in government, real estate and education, to his community involvement, he brings experience and insight to his leadership position. Seawright has served on the advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum and has coached youth sports. His has also held memberships in the American Society for Public Administration, in the National Association of Black Accountants and in the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.  Learn more about Kevin from the man himself in his LocalTalkNews interview.