Andrew Rolfe: Developing the Ubuntu Fund to Help Children

Andrew Rolfe is the chairman of the Ubuntu fund. He is a major asset to the company as he is always looking for ways to expand and improve the opportunities for the children who are disadvantaged. In May of 2017, the organization had hoped to raise around nine hundred thousand dollars. The money that this organization raises is aimed at benefiting the school campus of the fund. This school is found in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. They have numerous projects, and one of them is a pediatric clinic that is a part of the school campus. The school aims at reaching to those who are disadvantaged in the society.

During the Annual Ubuntu Fund Gala Dinner in May, Andrew Rolfe had the pleasure of treating those who attended to some tasty food and also a performance by the Xhosa choir. Two students who had been assisted by this fund were among the special guests. After dinner was over, one student, Sinesipho Rabidyani was able to speak to the crowd. She explained her story that captured the hearts of the guests. She explained how the fund had helped her get the education she needed and also how she was mentored to become who is.

Andrew Rolfe is the current chairperson of the fund. He is also the M.D. for the TowerBook Capital Partners. At this organization, his primary focus is the hospitality and acquiring food service. He also deals with the retail business and the opportunities for investment. Before he was able to take this position, he attended the University of Oxford. Here, he was able to earn a degree in Philosophy, Economics, and Politics. He went to Harvard School of Business , where he was able to earn a degree in Master of Business Administration.

Rolfe was able to become the president of the International Division of Gap. As the president, he was the one who oversaw the operations in Japan, Germany, France and also the United Kingdom. He was also the one who was responsible for the strategies of international growth. Before he was able to take this position, he had gained enough experience as he headed several huge firms. Some of these companies include the True Religion Apparel.