Nathaniel Ru Has a Vision for Eating Healthy

There is a strong energy in the air when it comes to Sweetgreen, and Nathaniel Ru is the one that has managed to stir up all of the good feelings about this restaurant. He is one of the 3 co-founders, and he has become a jewel to the fast food industry because he has presented casual dining in a whole new light. It is like people are discovering – for the first time – that healthy food can be delicious. There is no doubt about it. Convincing people to eat healthy is a hard task. Most people just do not want to take the plunge. There is a difference in the Sweetgreen franchise though. This is a company that has promoted healthy eating by getting restaurants in place with cool open kitchen designs. There is also a restaurant atmosphere that is becoming safer because Nathaniel Ru is implementing the cashless restaurants with some Sweetgreen spots.


People that want to order can use the app. This implementation of technology, combined with things like the Sweetgreen Music Festival and cashless restaurants, takes this chain of healthy restaurants into new arenas. This is a fast food establishment that is just a couple of notches above the standard fast food burger joint. Nathaniel Ru has been taking it up a notch, but he has been careful in pricing. He still wanted to make this food affordable because it is, after all, a casual dining spot.


These restaurants are not everywhere, but that may be the thing that keeps the customers lining up. It is much easier to get the out of towners to visit this establishment when they may not have one back home. In New York and Chicago this may certainly be part of the appeal. Customers are going to make their way to the spots that Nathaniel Ru established in these areas because these are cities where visitors come from all over the world. The same can be said for the Los Angeles location in California. People that have never been there will suddenly want to find out what all the fuss is about. This is the power of marketing that Nathaniel Ru has been aware of. The advertisements for Sweetgreen show off some delicious menu items. People cannot help but to wonder what this restaurant is about.


Anyone that read about the millions that venture capitalists have decided to pump into Sweetgreen would be intrigued by the Nathaniel’s vision. This is one of those establishments that have managed to lure customers because there is a strong amount of menu variety. Nathaniel Ru has actually created menus that different in accordance to location. This adds even more of a thrill to Sweetgreen restaurants.