Clay Siegall; the Mastermind behind Seattle Genetics’ Success Story

To succeed in any venture, factors such as capital, market, and quality of one’s products plays a crucial role in influencing the level of success. However, without a touch of passion or in other words, interest in the venture, trusts me you can expect nothing but total fail. Ask Clay Siegall, founder of Seattle Genetics, and he will accord to the statement.

During an interview with Inspirery, the successful doctor admitted that his keen interest in improving the cancer treatment therapies saw him launch Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall had lost a close relative from the painful cancer treatments hence felt the urge to do something to improve the procedures.

During the interview, Clay pointed out that Seattle makes money through a couple of ways. Seattle Genetics garner considerable revenue from the sale of its drugs such as the ADCentris that is doing well as an FDA-approved antibody. Also, Seattle licenses its formulated technologies through which it gathers sufficient revenue.

Clay Siegall noted that the success is a step by step process that may take even longer than expected. According to Clay, it took Seattle almost ten years to become profitable, a period he said to have utilized to establish substantial grounds of the Seattle Genetics we know today. Seattle understands the basics of business which are customers and remaining the best. Today, Seattle is known for recruiting the qualified and talented staff in their team to handle the sale of its products. There is nothing that feels amazing than selling a product you are well informed about hence having qualified staff has seen Seattle widen its market area.

About Clay Siegall

Currently, Siegall serves as the President and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Besides, the successful doctor serves on Seattle’s board of directors. Seattle is a biotech firm that works day and night tirelessly to advance various therapy drugs. Seattle was launched in 1998, and under Siegall‘s leadership, the company has grown from a skeleton to a distinguished firm it is today.

Dr. Clay Siegall joined the University of Maryland where he earned BS in Zoology before joining the University of George Washington where he received a PhD in Genetics. Before venturing on his own, the successful doctor used to work with the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute and the National Cancer Institute. Besides, Dr. Clay Siegall writes scientific papers while away from the work environment