Mark Hutchinson Is Helping Bring the Wilderness Back to Humanity

A lot of people talk about the environment. Likewise, most people know that there’s a significant amount of unique biodiversity which is in danger of disappearing forever. However, it’s rare to find someone actually doing something to save the natural world. Mark Hutchinson is one of the people trying to do so. And in the process he’s helping to make it easier for others to do the same. Learn more:


However, to understand Mark’s work one must first understand his background. Mark grew up in the wilds of Australia. It’s a beautiful land filled with natural wonders. It’s easy to see why he was struck with wanderlust at an early age. As soon as he was able, Mark ventured out into the world to see just what was out there. What he discovered was some amazing wilderness. But he also discovered something amazing about the experience of entering into these areas. Mark noticed that people rediscovered a connection to nature when they ventured into these wild areas. He called it a rewilding, and it served as an important point of his later work. Learn more:


Mark’s biggest adventure into rewilding has come about through something called Wild Ark. It’s not only about rewilding the human spirit. The venture is also involved with ensuring that the wilderness itself can be rewilded. The areas Mark focuses on are those which have unique biodiversity that needs extra protection. Mark helps keep these areas safe and untouched by partnering native guides with Wild Ark. By doing so he’s able to help arrange eco friendly vacations for people into these pristine natural wonderlands. Learn more:


The most amazing thing about the venture is that it’s able to help every single party involved with the process. The local economy is both enriched, and recentered around the idea of protecting the nearby wilderness. Vacationers are able to experience the wonders of these beautiful areas. At the same time they’re able to know that they’re doing so in a safe and respectful manner thanks to the involvement of native guides.


The end goal is to preserve and rewild natural environments. At the same time wildlife corridors can be established between different natural parks. And along the way everyone involved can take pride in knowing that they’re not only having fun, but also helping the world become a better place.