How Cleansing Conditioner Will Give Your Hair New Life

While many follow the culturally ingrained “shampoo, rinse, repeat” treatment on their hair for their daily shower, more and more people are regretting the toll it takes on their locks. While skipping out on washing your hair is one way to allow its natural oils to keep your strands healthy and vibrant, cleansing conditioner offers an attractive alternative. This is especially true since not very many people are willing to skip out on washing their hair and risk making their hair look oily and flat.

While all hair types are stripped of natural oils and damaged by frequent shampooing, fine and dry hair is especially negatively effected. The frizziness that results often takes more work and time to combat with additional products and straightening. Using a daily cleansing conditioner will gently cleanse and condition.

WEN hair care by Chaz has several cleansing conditioners options for all hair types. These products protect hair’s health and make it much more manageable as well. The benefit over using regular conditioner alone is that cleansing conditioner leaves hair feeling clean. Using regular conditioner alone can quickly leave hair feeling greasy and limp. WEN cleansing conditioner can easily be applied during a shower without adding time and hassle to your regular routine.

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After thoroughly rinsing your hair, the product includes instruction on how much cleansing conditioner to apply based on hair length. Work the product evenly through your hair. The product can also be used on your scalp leaving it clean like a normal shampoo would. After another rinse, apply half the amount and rinse again. Follow your routine by leaving a small amount in your hair as a leave in conditioner. Due to the natural ingredients and extracts used in WEN products, your hair will be left silky and smooth with a beautiful natural smell.

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While deviating from the regular routine of using shampoo can be scary, cleansing conditioners are quickly gaining ground as a popular alternative. Not all cleansing conditioners are created equally, so doing product research first is recommended. If your hair is damaged and frizzy from shampoo alone, cleansing conditioner could do wonders in regaining moisture without sacrificing hygiene.

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