Bridget Scarr is the executive producer of Colibri Studios. In London is where Colibri Studios was situated, the United Kingdom, the company, came into being in the year 2016 in March. Bridget Scarr is also a talented songwriter, singer and oversees the daily operations of Colibri Studios. Bridget Scarr studied at Rhodes University where she got a BA degree. She has moved from production to creating content than film production. Bridget Scarr spends most of the day in Colibri Studios doing content development. She can put her creativity in this Colibri studio. She can showcase her talents in one place because the firm is flexible. Bridget begins her day by doing meditation which helps her to relax her mind. The unity that is in her family is one of the things that keeps her going. It is one of the pillars in the productivity of her work.


During the day she takes three hours to concentrate and come up with new ideas. She goes home to eat her lunch where she can spend most of her time with her family. After she finishes her meal, she heads back to the office where she can make follow-ups on emails, sales agents, producers or read a book. Bridget says that the best way to succeed is to have the right team or people while doing a project. She focuses on virtual reality which creates interaction to create a wide range of responsibilities. Bridget Scarr develops content that moves from television to digital content, augmented reality, the interactive exhibition, and virtual reality. Her experience has been in advertising, video, and animation for more than 15 years. The responsibility of Bridget Scarr is creative development and technical production of teams across different outputs such as factual entertainment, animations, and factual entertainment programming.


Bridget Scarr achievements are; being co-founder at the live VR where there are live realities through partner and experiential engagement. Managing Director at Pollen Creative Media. Bridget Scarr has worked together with her partners from the year 2008 to 2015 where there has been a growth of employees from 5 to 200.


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The Contribution of Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi in Bradesco Bank

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi was born in 1951. His family was also the professionals of finance. His parents worked in many banking institutions in Brazil. This makes him gain more insight and ability to work in the banking section. He was solely motivated by the achievements and success of his parents. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi attended the University of Sao Paulo and undertook bachelor’s degree which later graduated with honours in psychology. During this time while at school, he was motivated to understand how dynamic of the market works. He further his studies in the same university where he receives masters in sociology and physiology. He attended University of Penteado Foundation for his post-doctorate studies where he earned Masters in Sociology and Politics.

In 2003, he was appointed to head the marketing department in Bradesco Seguros. As a leader in the marketing department, the bank earns more than 30% of the total revenue in Bradesco Seguros. This achievement made him be appointed as the president. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is among the few professionals who value their career development very much. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi’s career has lasted over 40 years as the member of the professional staff in the Bradesco bank which is located in Brazil. For the many years that of his professional experience, Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has contributed greatly towards the success of the bank through giving out better solutions to the municipalities and communities of the institution he serves. Many people have proven that working with Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is of great benefit especially if one needs making more money in the banking and insurance industry.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has taken many leadership positions in the bank to advance the capabilities of the business with the aim of developing sophisticated solutions in such a market that is unparalleled in the banking industry. Bradesco Bank are the second largest bank in the whole Brazil as well as the most successful private institutions. On his appointment as the president of the Bradesco Bank in 2009, he laid down concrete plans to reduce the liabilities of more than $150 million that Itau Unibanco had left behind. He reduces the interest rate of the bank and opens more than 211 new branches across Brazil with the aim of attracting many clients.

In 2015, the outstanding, prominent leader entered the most significant and lucrative deals that denoted to be the best movement ever in the whole of Brazilian Business community. He bought HSBC Brazilian Branch by a significant value worth $5.2 billion. He achieved this deal which is the equivalent organic growth of more than six years in Bradesco. This achievement brought Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi to the public eye which he uses this advantage to market the bank throughout Brazil, Hong Kong, Japan and the United Kingdom. As a result, he was named the entrepreneur of the year by DINHEIRO Group.

Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi is among the few executive corporates in the whole of Brazilian economy who have attracted a lot of respect, especially in Bradesco. Bradesco executive is considered the sole backbone of the economy because it handles many of the largest project and executives roles. Bradesco Bank through the hard work and achievement of the Luiz Carlos Trabuco is followed by politicians, business leaders and newspapers. He received the request from the government of Brazil to be the minister of finance, but he declined the offer because he dedicated all his life and career in Bradesco Bank. Luiz Carlos Trabuco Cappi has received a lot of attention as well as respect across Brazilian economy.

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Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Loud Make-Up And A Powerful Message


When Doe Deere founded Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 it was in response to the people on her online make-up tutorial that wanted her to share the blindingly bright make-up she had made for herself to wear while performing with her rock & roll band. Little did she realize Lime Crime would become an internationally known and beloved brand and she would serve as an inspiration for female entrepreneurs all over the globe. Lime Crime’s success is a testament to Doe Deere’s work ethic, creativity, vision and online marketing skills. Consumers worldwide are walking away from more established brands and embracing Lime Crime.


Doe Deere was raised in New York City and grew up seeing successful businesses all around her. When she started Lime Crime her goal was to show cosmetics could be used as a form of self-expression and not just to conceal imperfections. It was about giving customers the freedom to use make-up that makes them feel good about themselves and allows them to make a bold fashion statement. The lipstick, eyeliners, eye shadow, nail polishes and more in the Lime Crime line are colorful, magical, go on smoothly and remain in place all day and all night too.


Lime Crime products are intensely pigmented, vibrant and bold. They’re made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. This means the fun brand is socially conscious as well. This has brought more people to Lime Crime. Many also like that the brand was founded and is run by a woman. And Doe Deere has not only become an inspiration to female entrepreneurs, she’s reached out to women dreaming of starting their own companies and offered them mentoring and advice and invites them to communicate with her through her Instagram account.


Doe Deere has been experimenting with make-up and glitter ever since she was a child. It allowed her to explore and expose her inner unicorn and have some fun. These days her Lime Crime cosmetics gives people the world over some colorful tools they can use to nurture and release their inner child. Doe Deere tries all the products before they go into production. This gives her a good feel for them and enables her to be authentic when she talks about how good they make people look and feel. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are e-commerce legends that are making a valuable contribution to the cosmetics industry.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship



Doe Deere And Her Path To Success

No matter your style, Doe Deere has something for you. As the self proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns”, Deere has taken the cosmetics world by storm and is determined to share her message of freedom to express your unique inner self through the magic of makeup to the world.

Born in Russia, Deere moved to the US when she was 17 years old. She describes herself as creative and imaginative, and her ambition shows in her business that she has built herself. One of her biggest dreams as a child was to become a musician, a dream she saw to the end when she moved to New York and put out an album. During her time in the music industry she learned a lot about marketing as well as appreciation for fans who took the time to come to events and support her.

While she has lots of love for the music industry and her time in it, she is thrilled with her transition into the world of makeup. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, something that began when she had her own business as a 13 year old back in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos, a popular novelty at the time, and she loved it. She discovered the fun accessory and built her business by sharing her discovery with friends and classmates. She made them cool and was able to build her own business selling them because she understood marketing even at such a young age.

When Deere moved to New York she didn’t realize how much it would change her life. While her music didn’t end up being her permanent career, it was an important part of her life. Not only does she look back at her time in music fondly, but it is where she met her husband. They were in a band together and she credits their ability to collaborate together as the beginning of their entire relationship. It helped the two of them learn to work well together.

Her path took a different turn when she found her way into the makeup industry. She has used her platform as a creator and seller of products to find for herself and other women, the freedom to express themselves. She has taken makeup to a whole new level and broken all the rules to create products that not only can work for anyone, but give women the freedom to discover and create who they really are. It is a personal expression of each and every woman.

She also has a few words of advice for younger women who share her ambition. Every person has something special to offer the world, a special and unique quality, and they should all tune into that special part that separates them from everyone else. Once you find it, you’ll start to blossom and reach your true potential. Be in touch with yourself and go where you love, and you’ll be who you were always meant to be.

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Diversant Giving the Best to Clients World Over

Diversant is a fully-certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it is also the largest Africa-American owned IT staffing company in the United States. Diversity’s products and services are designed to offer the best and original practice, aimed at meeting the needs of the clients, community and the associates they serve. They serve as they are applying a review tactics and engaging their customers as partners in their business, helping them solve critical problems rather than playing the role of a commodity supplier.

Diversant is a leading company that offers a broad range of IT staffing and diversity products that include IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, as well as direct hire of staff. Apart from the IT services, Diversity also inspires resourceful thinking, leads to more actual issue solving as well as fostering innovations. The organization is of an advantage to the local community as it assists them to build strong markets, and a competitive edge to those individuals who have a clear understanding of how to controls the market strength. To help the community and the people, they have a program that is well designed to assist in the promotion of diversity both in the supply chain for talent achievement and workplace.

Diversant has a long success history of offering their services and products to major sectors that drive the United States economy. Since its foundation, it has continued to surpass in support of a wide range of industries to realize their IT staffing and Diversity objectives. Diversant also connects IT professional candidates with other firms, and they have always ensured that the candidates are sufficiently skilled with IT knowledge and they retain extensive industry specific experience. The candidates also have a thorough understanding of the particular industry that the organization serves. Diversant is devoted to offering their products and services at the maximum reliability following the rule and core values of business practice.

John Goullet is the Principal of Diversant LLC. IN 1994 Goullet founded Info Technologies Inc. and was the Chief Executive Office. Before establishing his firm, John worked as a computer consultant, and he then served as an IT staffing accountant executive. John graduated from Ursinus College and since then he has been passionate about improving the technology world through IT. He serves as the chairman of Diversant LLC, and he focuses his Technology skills on understanding the corporate climate, and the IT staffing needs that his clients want and goes ahead to match them with the personality and the work style of his consultant and skills and set them to meet his customer’s needs.

Video emails and giving back is what Bob Reina and Talk Fusion are all about

Through dedication, hard work and an unwavering belief in his vision of making people’s lives better and empowering them to pursue their dreams, Bob Reina has built Talk Fusion into one of the world’s leading video communication companies in less than 10 years.

Reina, who is CEO and founder of the Tampa Bay, Florida based video marketing company, worked several jobs while attending the University of South Florida and eventually graduated at the top of his police academy class. While he loved police work and protecting the public, Reina soon found he had a passion for marketing and direct selling which led him to give up his steady law enforcement paycheck to start Talk Fusion in 2007.

Utilizing proprietary, patent pending video technology, Talk Fusion offers video email, video newsletters, live meetings, sign-up forms, video chat and more to customers in more than 140 countries worldwide. Today, Talk Fusion is the 7th largest video communications company in the world and is ranked in the Direct Selling Association’s top 50 for sales revenue and growth.

Talk Fusion recently launched a 30-day free trial of its video marketing solutions in nine different languages in 140 countries. The completely risk-free offering is the result of more than a year’s worth of planning by the company and is designed to give prospective customers a full understanding of its offerings.

One of Reina’s favorite sayings is “with great success comes great responsibility.” And for him, those aren’t just nice words. Reina and his company have donated $1 million to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay in addition to volunteering countless hours to improve the lives of homeless animals. Reina is so committed to animal welfare that he even brings his beloved dogs, Shadow and Bindi, with him to the office, where they brighten up everyone’s day.

Reina and Talk Fusion also monetarily support an orphanage in Indonesia; have held funraiders to assist earthquake victims in Nepal and the tsunami in Japan, all through