George Soros Reveals His Personal Views On The Open Society

George Soros is a man the majority of people in the U.S. have heard of as a major financial donor to liberal causes and candidates for election from the Democratic Party. However, fewer of those with a personal view of Soros have an understanding of his own ambitions and drives that have been revealed in a recent article by the hedge fund manager in The Atlantic. Born in Hungary in 1930, George Soros may now be in his ninth decade of life, but many of the policies and ideas of Soros retains as his major belief system has been with him since his days as a student following his refugee journey from Hungary following the end of hostilities during World War II.The personal views of George Soros were influenced during his studies at the London School of Economics by the Austrian born philosopher Karl Popper who was a student of the open society; Soros has been a follower of this philosophical ideology ever since and even named his own philanthropic network, The Open Society Foundations.

Philanthropy has been a major part of the life of the founder of Soros Fund Management since the 1970s when he began looking to use the amazing success he achieved as a leading hedge fund manager to assist people robbed of their human rights. The Open Society Foundations reports the initial charitable efforts of George Soros focused on Eastern Europe during the ‘Cold War’but extended to Asia, Africa, and North America following the collapse of the Soviet Union in the early 1990s. Fighting hard to ensure the work he is competing as a philanthropist reflects his own ideas has meant looking away from the aid offered by government agencies.

Soros has come to distrust after his funding was redirected away from the neediest in different communities.As his career has extended, George Soros has maintained a belief in the open society as Karl Popper explained it in relation to the totalitarian regimes of the 1940s. As a Holocaust survivor and expert in global politics, George Soros has come to question the values many of those he fights against hold dearest, largely as he believes an absolute truth cannot be discovered by individuals living in any community. Understanding the fact people have different opinions and ideas has been a part of the development of Soros as a political donor and philanthropist; then open society allows for political and philosophical discussion to take place in a manner that allows each individual to have their views to be respected and understood, even if they are not agreed upon.

Detailed Understanding of TOR Signaling Through Mikhail Blagosklonny

Being a leading cause of death in the health sector, cancer has claimed many lives. The puzzle behind its causative agent, cure and therapy has led to the contribution of several scientists, donors, physicians, therapists and researchers. Faced with the challenge to address these issues, organizations have merged to come up with treatment methods and therapies. Such is the input of Mikhail Blagosklonny, a research scientist. Being a specialist in biology and cancer treatment as well as therapies, Mikhail has been instrumental in the battle against cancer. Most of his works have revolutionary transformed the medical landscape.


Blagosklonny is a recognized oncology research scientist. His works extend to authoring more than 150 articles on cancer cell biology. Aside from that, Mikhail has been an assistant author for multiple book chapters as well as reviews based on the molecular composition of cancer cells and their behavior in healthy human cells. Mikhail has given detailed research insight on cancer cells including the cycle involved in apoptosis and autophagy. Through his widely cited insight, Mikhail has focused on the theory of aging through molecular study.


Towards this end, Mikhail was of the opinion that TOR Signaling, also known as target of rapamycin has a significant input in prolonging the life cell of the human body. This is because through TOR Signaling, there is a delay in autophagy and an increase in protein synthesis. Mikhail further stated that it is crucial for medical practitioners to understand these processes. This is because with detailed understanding, treatment becomes relatively easier. Additionally, the processes have a slowing effect on age-related diseases. According to Blagosklonny, too much rapamycin contribute to the inhibition of autophagy, leading to cancerous tumors. Mikhail is hopeful that these processes will be understood in detail with the aim of finding painless and reliable treatment options for terminal and age-related illnesses. To Mikhail, it is vital to invest in the understanding of these processes.


Blagosklonny’s input in the medical field extends beyond research works. As a scholar, he is recognized for the vast experience he harbors in research institutions. Mikhail’s experience extends to Roswell Institute of Research where he is a highly regarded professor of oncology. His appointment in 2009 was influenced by his experiences. He also landed an executive role at the Ordway Institute of Research where he served as a research scientist. In 2002, Mikhail Blagosklonny’s academic credentials supported his role as a lead specialist in experimental medicine. Blagosklonny was thence appointed as a medical associate professor for the New York Medical College.


Currently, Blagosklonny is a lead editor for Oncotarget. This is a peer-reviewed journal that focuses on sharing vital information concerning diseases and the proposed treatments. Through Oncotarget, Blagosklonny, Oncotarget addresses arising medical issues. These issues are then published on the journal. Depending on the demand, the articles can be printed for weekly use. Blagosklonny insists that as time moves, there are more discoveries made towards treating diseases. Mikhail has extensively invested in finding curative measures for cancer and diseases that are related to old age.

Exploring the Brilliant Resume of Mr. Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American investor with a knack for writing, public speaking and philanthropy. As of today, his broad portfolio includes the over fifteen companies he either funded, founded or co-founded. Eric Pulier’s main specialization lies in raising capital. Today, he’s feted for raising hundreds of millions of dollars from leading hedge fund investors in the states and beyond.

Financing Startups

Here are some of the companies Mr. Pulier has worked his magic on Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. What’s more, Eric is heavily involved in charity and philanthropy. Here’s a few examples of the organizations and causes the tech-investor supports: Trident Capital, eCompanies, Monitor Ventures. The investor continues to finance startups in the tech and in the media realm.

Painted Turtle

A perfect example of his altruistic nature is evident in a particular initiative he works with. It’s called The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses. Another selfless endeavor he participates in goes by the name of the X-Prize Foundation. Ideally, X-Prize is a non-profit organization which aims to come up with solutions to the biggest conundrums facing humanity today.

The mission of the Painted Turtle initiative is to reach out to kids threatened with terminal diseases and inspire them to transform into greater persons. The kids get a chance to interact and share with each other through the camping experiences. Additionally, the organization caters to the medical needs and the education of the ailing youngsters.

Clinton Global Initiative

Before launching Painted Turtle, Eric was involved with People Doing Things. This company was started way back in the early nineties and it focused on  health care, education among other issues solving using technology. Soon thereafter, in 1994, he began yet another IT firm, Digital Evolution. Four years later, Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric has done extensive work with the Clinton Global Initiative.

About Eric Pulier

Eric is based in L.A, but he was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He graduated from Harvard University. He graduated in 1988 with a Magna Cum Laude. He studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, Visual, and Environmental Studies. He has co-authored two academic publications: Understanding Enterprise SOA and the Enterprise Industrial Complex.

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The Family Place’s Capital Campaign Gets A Boost From James Dondero’s $1 Million Challenge Grant

Highland Capital Management president, James Dondero, just announced that the company’s $1 million challenge grant. The grant goes to The Family Place, which is one of the top organizations in Dallas that assists victims of family violence. In the next few months,

The Family Place aims to raise $ 2.8 million as part of its Legacy Campaign.

The grant is managed by Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving arm, Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. Running until April 4, 2017; Highland will match 50 percent of any funds that are raised for the campaign to a tune of $ 1 million. Since the announcement on October 4, The Family Place has managed to raise $ 200,000 for its Legacy Campaign.

The campaign’s aim is to raise $ 16.8 million. It only remains with $ 2.8 million to meet the goal. Highland Capital Management’s challenge grant will facilitate the organization finish its fundraising. According to James Dondero, the grant is a response to the call to action by Mike Rawlings the Dallas Mayor, and David Brown the Dallas Police Chief. They want the community to assist in solving the life threatening concern in Dallas.

Dondero noted that Dallas’ civic community gets things done. Additionally, Highland Capital Management was pleased by The Family Place’s implementation of the concept in a year. That is through passionate philanthropic support. He pointed out that they were proud to invest in collaboration with the thoughtful and most generous in the community.

Paige Flink, The Family Place’s CEO noted that for any person considering the endeavor to offer life changing services to family violence victims, the campaign offered a great opportunity. That is for them to increase the impact of their contribution. The legacy campaign supports the construction of the latest Central Dallas Counseling center named after Ann Moody. It also supports its operations.

The center caters for family violence victims. It has modern facilities including a centralized hotline center, emergency shelter bedrooms, and a medical clinic. Annually, more than 2,000 victims will be served by the building. This information was first reported on PRNewswire.

About James Dondero
James Dondero is a leading credit and equity markets professional based in Dallas, Texas. He is the president of Highland Capital Management. Jim is a certified management accountant. He is an alumnus of the Mclntire School of Commerce. He graduated with honors in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia.

Dondero has been a pioneer in creating credit oriented solutions in addition to collateralized loan obligations. Starting with the Morgan Guaranty Training program, Dondero went on to serve in leading firms including American Express before co-founding Highland Capital Management. Additionally, he is an avid supporter of philanthropic efforts in public policy as well as education.
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David Osio’s Philanthropy

David Osio has always been a very giving person. He has given support to a lot of different charities. He thinks it’s important to make a difference in the world. He is a big supporter of art, medical research, music, and his town.

David Osio has been helping support two different charities for two decades. These are great non-profit organizations. He likes to contribute to these organizations because he feels that they better his community through providing art entertainment through music and art. David is continuously increasing his contributions to various non-profit organizations.

One of the charities that he supports is MISO. MISO stands for Miami Symphony Orchestra. He has been donating to this charity for years and has been a member of the Orchestra Board. David Osio says that it’s great that this orchestra is able to make people happy each and every year through the donations that he and others make.

Another charity that David Osio supports is The Children’s Orthopedic Foundation. This is a foundation that does medical research for children. David Osio believes that medical research is a great cause and hopes that more people will donate to this cause. He also supports several other charities. These include the UMA Foundation, the Fundana Foundation, and the Wayuu Taya Foundation.

David Osio went to Andres Bello, a Catholic University in Caracas. He graduated from Andres Bello in 1988 with honors. David Osio got his law degree from this school.

David Osio is the creator and CEO of Davos Financial Group. He has grown this business so much that it has several locations including Lisbon, New York, Panama City, Geneva, and Miami. In each of these cities David Osio makes sure to donate money to help the community.

David Osio is a great man that has help so many communities and people. He believes that it’s important to give back to each community where his business resides. David Osio helps children and adults a like. He thinks it’s important that everyone experiences the arts, such as theater. This is why he gives so many donations to local orchestras and other musical venues. He also believes it’s important to give money to fund childhood illnesses. With his donations the charities that help children can further their medical research into treating these children. Through his great donations David Osio is helping to create a better world for adults and children.

Follow Osio on his blog and Twitter – @david_j_osio

Kyle Bass Continues To Warn About China

What if the boy who cried wolf was right the first time, and not the third time? What if he yelled: “Wolf! Wolf!” And there was a wolf! But then after the fact, he was so enamored of the public response he got, that he then began to call wolf whenever he wanted attention? Well then that boy might be named Kyle Bass–but it’s a heavy “might”. He seems to have found a trail of the recession wolf leading to and through China, but it’s hard to tell if he’s really after some evil pack carnivore, or a regular old fluctuating economic dog. Their paw-prints look so similar! See, China has a three trillion dollar bond market that seems to be freezing right now. Kyle Bass has predicted that the Chinese economy would be forced to devalue their currency soon. He’s been making negative predictions about China since the fourth quarter of 2015, but here it is July, 2016, and nothing has come of those predictions yet. Earlier in the year, Bass predicted that there was a forty to fifty percent chance of the Chinese economy experiencing the collapse he predicted, forcing currency devaluation which would cut the US economy by twenty percent. But he doesn’t think there will be a “Lehman Brothers” moment in China–he doesn’t foresee economic “Armageddon”.

The reason people are not sure how to take him is 2008’s own financial collapse whose ground zero was Wall Street–the first “wolf” Bass called out. He short-sold during that time betting against the sub-prime lending industry, and made enough of a positive return to become famous.

But Kyle Bass has a long history of doing shady things of a market-manipulative kind. UsfulStooges covered many of them in The Frantic Investments of a Desperate Gambler. Consider CAD, the Coalition for Affordable Drugs. Bass uses this pseudo-humanitarian organization to force stock-drops on Wall Street. This is done at the expense of the infirm, and the public involved in their plight. When the pharmaceuticals Bass has targeted with CAD lose money, they’ve got to cut departments like R&D, which suspends medical breakthroughs indefinitely. With a history of practices like that, his statements regarding China’s economy are almost certainly informed by ulterior motive.

How One Asset Management Firm Is giving Back To The Community

James Dondero is the force behind Highland Capital Management. The firm is an asset management company. They are situated in Dallas. Linda Owen is the immediate former president of Woodall Roger foundation. As a civic leader, she has learnt the value of philanthropy. It is with these insights that she has offered to lead the firm’s philanthropic arm.

Asset management companies act as the custodians of the wealth of the rich. You have to be rich just to qualify to join. The fees to keep your estate profitable are high enough to keep gamblers. For wealthy families, these institutions are a necessity. As a result, asset management companies sit on considerable amounts of cash. The amounts are so high. Most opt to move the money into philanthropy.

The world is faced with a host of problems governments cannot solve. Philanthropy is the only way since there is little or no interference. Mrs. Owen steps in the helm of one such organization. She will serve as the giving manager. They will work hand in hand with the Dallas Foundation.

The founder, James Dondero said they needed Mrs. Owen for the role because she had a proven track record. The civic leader has dotted Dallas with one effective partnership after another. She is a true philanthropist at heart. To add on to her credentials, she shares the vision of seeing a change in the community.

The Highland company gives away most of its money through the Dallas Foundation. They focus most of their money on societies pain points. These are health, veteran’s causes and education. The asset management firm donations have been of great service. Other beneficiaries are Perot Museum of Nature and Science, the George W. Bush Presidential Library, and Museum.

The Highland Management Company is committed to philanthropy. The giving spirit has seeped into the employees. The company culture is one which puts service to the community first. The environment encourages creativity. Mrs. Owen sees her new role as a way to change society through giving.

Highland Management is registered with the SEC as an investment adviser. 17 billion dollars of assets are under their care. The company boasts one of the most experienced teams of credit manager in America. They specialize in the upper echelon of credit facilities. These are hedge funds, collateral debt obligation, and natural resources. Their target market is companies in distress, pension funds, corporations, and foundations.

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