How Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Rampant Corruption Helped to Create the Frontera Fund

On the evening of October 18, 2007, armed police acting under orders from Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s notorious “Selective Enforcement Unit” hunted down and arrested Mike Lacey and Jim Larkin, two Village Voice Media executives.


It turned out to be a day that will live in infamy.


Deputies forcibly removed the pair from their respective homes in the Phoenix area and jammed them into dark, unmarked SUVs with tinted windows and Mexican license plates. Under the watchful eye of “America’s Toughest Sheriff” Joe Arpaio, Lacey and Larkin were later booked into two separate jails.


The grim details were brought to light by the Phoenix New Times, a local newspaper that had a history of exposing Arpaio’s misdeeds on numerous occasions previously. The paper had run stories on Arpaio’s anti-Mexican fear-mongering, his retaliatory abuses of power against law enforcement critics, financial irregularities and egregious mismanagement in the sheriff’s office, and much more.


It’s no surprise, then, that Arpaio (at least ostensibly) targeted Lacey and Larkin after they had written a cover story in the paper critical of Arpaio. The article detailed the steps taken by Arpaio and his allies to issue grand jury subpoenas, seeking details about the newspaper’s staff members and readers.


When Lacey and Larkin exposed the plot to suppress the media through grand jury subpoenas, they ended up in jail. It took a monumental outcry across the state and national media attention to free the two men, who were back home within 24 hours with all charges dropped.


Years later after much legal wrangling, a court found that grand jury subpoenas issued for Lacey and Larkin were invalid due to the prosecution side-stepping proper legal procedures. The court also found that the pair were arrested and detained without probable cause.


This paved the way for a $3.7 million settlement paid by Maricopa County in 2013 to Lacey and Larkin. The pair earmarked the settlement money to create the Frontera Fund, an organization which seeks to benefit the Hispanic community which has suffered most from racial tensions and civil rights abuses in Arizona.


After the settlement, Larkin said, “I cannot think of a more deserving group than those Mexican immigrants who brave unimaginable peril in the desert to travel to Arizona for work and economic opportunity.”


As for Lacey, his post-settlement sentiments were similar: “Sheriff Joe Arpaio demonized and detained Mexican migrants as well as anyone with brown skin” he observed. “The people of Arizona are better than this…we are all migrants.”


DSP CEOs Launch Scholarship

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Thor Halvorssen Makes Trouble For Tyrants

Thor Halvorssen is one of the best people in the world for fighting against tyranny. He knows that a lot of things can be changed if he keeps those stories in the public eye, and he wants to be sure that he can make changes to the way some people live. He wants to put the stories in the media, and he wants to open as many offices as he can around the world to help people. Helping people means getting on the ground with all his volunteers, and he stays on top of all the stories as much as he can.


Thor Halvorssen is also someone who wants to be sure that he explains to westerners how governments work. He knows that a lot of people are not sure how certain kinds of government work, but he can help people understand with his own stories about it. He has talked about how Bernie Sanders wants to use a certain kind of delicate socialism to help the people, and he has talked about how tyranny can befall any country when it is not managed well.


There are a lot of news stories about how government around the world are not doing right by their citizens, and a lot of those stories come from Thor Halvorssen and his Human Rights Foundation. The Human Rights Foundation goes after any problem around the world that they think is not good for the people. They know that there are a lot of people around the world who are trying to fight against tyranny, and they are trying to help in any way they can.


They also take meetings with world leaders to make sure that they have a way of helping all the people of the world help from other countries. The people around the world who are saved or helped by the Human Rights Foundation can live better lives, and they will all be in a position to help others after a life spent in a bad situation. Thor Halvorssen wants to be sure to help people who cannot help themselves against their government.

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HRF’s Thor Halvorssen on Fox discusses Democratic Socialism

Thor Halvorssen discussed the problem with democratic socialism with Trish Regan. On the precept that Senator Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country, Halvorssen wants to explain what problems can exist if such a shift would occur.


Halvorssen goes on to say that most Bernie Sanders supports do not truly understand the definition of socialism. He explains that some countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden have socialist policies, but not a socialist government. He states as long as there are branches of government and separation of powers, socialism can thrive. However, if a government decides to take control, socialism is a threat to basic human rights.


Countries with socialist government such as Venezuela are said to be a violation of basic human rights. The ability of a government to “set prices” and to inflict “looting of personal property” can become a humanitarian crisis with massive shortages in the region. Halvorssen has first-hand experience with the problems of a socialist country. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez and currently his cousin is in prison in Venezuela.
Ironically, Halvorssen has made the largest possible contribution to Senator Bernie Sanders. He believes that having a democratic socialist in the White House is much better than having supporters of dictators in the White House. He states that both front runners for each party is a huge issue. He states that the current democratic front runner has ties with many dictators throughout the world, accepting millions upon millions of dollars.

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