The Growing Career of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt’s career started off a the age of 17 years. As a teenager, she was an actress for four years on a day time TV show for CBS called the Guiding Light. She never knew this was the beginning of her career. It ended where she played in one movie (The Derby Stallion) with a famous teenage actor and in another movie (“Sydney White”)with a famous teenage actress. Her career was going moving very fast because she was an awesome actress. She played in some commercials and advertisement as well. Crystal Hunt always from place to place staring in different TV series and movies.

After four years on CBS with the daytime series (One Life To Live) and being an actress for two major motion films (23 Blast an Queens of Drama), She returned to daytime Television and started another TV series. She did this daytime series for 3 years before moving on to more opportunities. Crystal Hunt is also a film producer and she is currently working on her Executive Producer Title. She is also nominated for an Emmy at the awards and she received it for Outstanding Younger Actress for Daytime TV Drama Series. She was an outstanding actress in the work that she did for CBS and the motion pictures that she did. She extended her talent by the development of her performance to make the career by outstanding and interesting to watch. In the production of her first film, she continues on with her success as of today.  Follow along on Crystal Hunt’s official Facebook page, which she keeps for fans and interested parties.