Anthony Petrello: A Portrait of Corporate Integrity

All around us, we see the breakdown of corporate ethics. CEOs with exorbitant salaries and excessive perks, while employees are laid off en masse. We witness corporate entities that are destroyed because toxic workplace environments or individual wrong-doing. These dealings are in stark contrast to the way Anthony Petrello, CEO of oil and gas drilling industry giant Nabors Industries, has found success. In addition to a shrewd business sense and sharp business acumen , Mr. Petrello also fosters an obligation to non-economic values in the workplace.

As a young man, growing up in the Italian neighborhoods of Newark, NJ, Tony was taught that dedication to hard work and honest dealings was the only way to rise above low expectations. He credits his culturally rich environment for instilling those values of community care, fair and honest business dealings, along with working hard to achieve the best you can for your family. And Anthony Petrello’s success in business comes not by chance, but by diligence in gaining academic knowledge and understanding that he had the ability to rise above the low educational standards as set forth in most large urban cities.

From New Jersey to Yale University, where he faced stiff competition from students that certainly had an advantage in resources, but he never waivered in his determination to use academia as a way to a brighter future. Anthony excelled in math and would eventually become assistant to famed mathematical scholar, Serge Lang in furthering research into complex number theorem. In time, Anthony switched his major to the study of law, and after graduation settled into family life and worked in multiple industries before settling with Nabors Industries for the next 30 years.

Since working as an executive at Nabors Industries, Anthony Petrello has taken the opportunity to use his good fortune to further the cause of others and to help those that face some of the same disadvantages he had experienced. He and his wife set about on a mission to help children with various disorders to overcome the medical and financial disparities. With a recent donation of over $5 million to help further research and development efforts at the Neurological Research Institute at Texas Children’s Hospital.

Anthony Petrello never forgets his roots. Since the death of his Yale University math professor Serge Lang, Anthony has helped to establish and fund an annual cash prize to be awarded to a promising mathethematical student in the professor’s name.

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