George Soros Looks To The Grassroots To Fight The Rise Of Donald Trump

The victory of Donald Trump during the 2016 U.S. Presidential election came as something of a shock for most people who had believed polls stating Democrat Hillary Clinton would win election to the White House. George Soros has been a major Democrat donor for many years and returned to the U.S. political scene in 2015 in a major way with more than $25 million donated to Clinton and her Super PAC’s; prior to his return to the U.S. political landscape George Soros had spent much of the last decade seeking to bring democracy to the world through his own Open Society Foundations.

In returning to the political community of the U.S. he had remained on the periphery of since donating over $27 million to the campaign of John Kerry in 2004, George Soros showed just how important he felt the global political landscape was in 2016. Advisors for George Soros have recently revealed the Hungarian born hedge fund legend has rarely been as engaged politically as he has seemed in 2015 and 2016 because of the changing political environment; Soros has been closely monitoring global events in the European Union after becoming concerned by the refugee crisis on Forbes and the Brexit decision in the U.K. The work of the Open Society Foundations to educate individuals about democracy has also seen George Soros clash with Russian officials who did not feel their citizens needed to understand more about democracy.

As a hedge fund manager George Soros has amassed a personal fortune reported to have reached $25 million after beginning his adult life as a refugee from Communist rule in his native Hungary, where he had also survived the Holocaust during the Nazi occupation of the country. Soros has also made a recent return to active trading with his own hedge fund and felt the need for greater democratic and liberal leadership on Snopes was an important factor at a time when the man who made $1 billion in a single day by the devaluation of the British Pound in the 1990s feels the rise of right wing policies poses a major threat to open societies around the world.

The response of George Soros to the election of Donald Trump was to change his own schedule and attend the Democracy Alliance meeting of wealthy Democrat donors and politicians in Washington D.C. George Soros understands the need for swift action to fight the policies being discussed by Donald Trump, such as the construction of a border wall with Mexico and the repeal of the Affordable Care Act; Soros and other Democrat’s came together under the Democracy Alliance banner to discuss their own role in future elections as the use of Super PAC’s has become controversial for the public. A major part of the Democracy Alliance event was spent discussing a strategy for defeating the policies of the Republican party from the very first day of the Trump Administration that could destroy the legacy of President Obama just days after he leaves office.

Join Brown Modelling Agency During Open Call Every Thursday to Discover Career Opportunities as a Model or Actor

Justine Brown and Michael B. Bonne’ collectively possess over ten years of experience helping to develop children and millennials. The two business owners have expertise for the development of actors and models. Brown Agency has introduced some of our very best models to walk the runways at Dallas Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, and Miami Swim Week. The agency hosts Open Call every Thursday for inspiring talents to explore opportunities with top brands and companies without the need to schedule an appointment.

Popular brands, including Louis Vuitton, L’Oréal, and Dell uses our modelling and acting services for advertising and promotional campaigns. We work with reputable companies in the media, fashion, entertainment, and advertising industries. Brown Modelling Agency has created a presence in Los Angeles, CA, and Austin and Dallas, TX. The agency is open between the hours of 3:00 pm and 4:00 pm every Thursday afternoon. Bring several photographs of yourself or a portfolio (not required) and resume.

Brown Agency is controlled by Justin Brown, previous president of Wilhelmina, an Austin-based talent agency. While working for Wilhelmina, he merged the company with acting talent agency, Heyman Talent-South. The merger enables Brown Model Agency to increase its growth and offer acting, modeling, and other talent services. Justin founded Wilhelmina in early 2010 and changed its name five years later to create a new brand for the company. To learn more about opportunities, visit us online at or on our Facebook page and provide your contact information.








Kevin Seawright, The Award Winning Business Strategist

Kevin Seawright, the Executive Vice President of Newark Community Economic Development Corporation, gained recognition from Notre Dame Executive leadership program for his exemplary performance in the communities that he serves.

The college that granted him a certificate in Executive Leadership, the Notre Dame Mendoza School of Business saw in him a transformative leader and active participant in communities, public education systems and government.

A master’s graduate of Amelda University in the accounting option, Kevin Seawright is a self-made man known for his strategic vision and ability to meet business goals while creating new opportunities. He is a man who wears many hats and apart from his business engagements, he attends to a youth club as a coach.

He started his career in 2011 as the vice president of Operations and Human Capital at the Tito General Contractors Company. His contract with the firm ended in 2013 when he left to join Maryland as the Executive Director of operations. In 2014, he moved on to the Newark Economic development Corporation as the executive president and chief financial officer, a position he holds to date.

Seawright’s working career has shown him as a generous person who is keen on improving the lives of the individuals in the communities where he works. His unique business acumen, work efficiency and team player attributes make him stand out in his managerial duties.

He managed to change strategies to include those that ensured responsiveness in business and those that went in line with the technological changes. He is a firm believer in change at the workplace and embraces changes that positively affect those that he works with and the local communities.

His transformative ways of doing business ensured that Human Capital divisions improved staff retention and lowered turnovers by improving the recruitment efforts, collective bargaining, compensation adjustments and change in management. The results were enhanced standardization, improved service delivery, and improved company performance.

Kevin Seawright who acted as the board advisory for the Babe Ruth Museum has received many awards for his financial acumen and responsiveness while serving the municipalities. The awards recognized his outstanding service and professionalism while thinking beyond the ordinary. He was chosen to be the recipient of the Met Life recipient of the Bridges to the Future award in 2010. It was due to his ability to demonstrate progression through statistics and accountability standards.

You Too Can Benefit When You’re Ready To Work With Ignition Financial

What does Ignition Financial do?: Ignition Financial helps to facilitate the bond between their customers and the lenders who they work with. After an application is completed by the customer, Ignition Financial tries their best to pair them with a lender who can meet their needs and can lower their payments on a monthly basis. Not only is Ignition Financial able to help refinance loans, but they can also link companies and individuals to loans, especially if they want to buy several cars. The professionals who work at Ignition Financial do everything they can to get their customers the best loans.


Why are my current car payments so high?: If you received a loan from a car dealer, it’s likely that your dealer added on additional funds to your loan, which drove up your price each month, and you are unaware of the price hike. Even if you are working with an outside lender, your credit ultimately will determine how much you’ll pay for your monthly payments as well as how much money you put down on the car loan. Even though some lenders will allow you to get your car with no down payment and low monthly payments, these terms tend to be given to people with good credit.


How will Ignition Financial help me to slash my payments?: When you first start working with Ignition Financial, you’ll fill out an online application that begins the entire process. You’re also welcome to come down to the offices directly in order to fill out the information necessary for refinancing your loan. Your payments will be slashed once your paperwork is completed and you’ve been connected to a lender, who will give you terms that are something you would agree with. Although there is no guarantee of how much money you’ll save each month, you will definitely save money once you refinance your car.


What else does Ignition Financial have to offer their customers?: Ignition Financial does have great professionals who are able to link people with financiers who can lower their monthly payment rate, but they can do more as well. Those who work with Ignition Financial can ask about the coverages that are available for car maintenance, tires, and even the car loan that they have. Since typical insurance companies are unlikely to completely fulfill the loan repayment if a car is totaled, these coverages from Ignition Financial can help to ensure your loan is covered by the gap insurance.


When is the best time to refinance my car?: Anytime is a good time, but it is best that you have a history of payments before you choose to do any refinancing. It’s likely that your loan came with a high price tag because of lack of credit, which can be corrected with on-time monthly payments that are reported to a credit agency. Having good credit is best once you want to refinance your loan, so if your credit isn’t the best, try your best to repair it before refinancing your car loan.

Doe Deere And Lime Crime: Loud Make-Up And A Powerful Message


When Doe Deere founded Lime Crime Cosmetics in 2008 it was in response to the people on her online make-up tutorial that wanted her to share the blindingly bright make-up she had made for herself to wear while performing with her rock & roll band. Little did she realize Lime Crime would become an internationally known and beloved brand and she would serve as an inspiration for female entrepreneurs all over the globe. Lime Crime’s success is a testament to Doe Deere’s work ethic, creativity, vision and online marketing skills. Consumers worldwide are walking away from more established brands and embracing Lime Crime.


Doe Deere was raised in New York City and grew up seeing successful businesses all around her. When she started Lime Crime her goal was to show cosmetics could be used as a form of self-expression and not just to conceal imperfections. It was about giving customers the freedom to use make-up that makes them feel good about themselves and allows them to make a bold fashion statement. The lipstick, eyeliners, eye shadow, nail polishes and more in the Lime Crime line are colorful, magical, go on smoothly and remain in place all day and all night too.


Lime Crime products are intensely pigmented, vibrant and bold. They’re made from vegan ingredients and never tested on animals. This means the fun brand is socially conscious as well. This has brought more people to Lime Crime. Many also like that the brand was founded and is run by a woman. And Doe Deere has not only become an inspiration to female entrepreneurs, she’s reached out to women dreaming of starting their own companies and offered them mentoring and advice and invites them to communicate with her through her Instagram account.


Doe Deere has been experimenting with make-up and glitter ever since she was a child. It allowed her to explore and expose her inner unicorn and have some fun. These days her Lime Crime cosmetics gives people the world over some colorful tools they can use to nurture and release their inner child. Doe Deere tries all the products before they go into production. This gives her a good feel for them and enables her to be authentic when she talks about how good they make people look and feel. Doe Deere and Lime Crime are e-commerce legends that are making a valuable contribution to the cosmetics industry.

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Lime Crime Creator Doe Deere Reveals The Secret Behind Female Entrepreneurship



Nathaniel Ru Has a Vision for Eating Healthy

There is a strong energy in the air when it comes to Sweetgreen, and Nathaniel Ru is the one that has managed to stir up all of the good feelings about this restaurant. He is one of the 3 co-founders, and he has become a jewel to the fast food industry because he has presented casual dining in a whole new light. It is like people are discovering – for the first time – that healthy food can be delicious. There is no doubt about it. Convincing people to eat healthy is a hard task. Most people just do not want to take the plunge. There is a difference in the Sweetgreen franchise though. This is a company that has promoted healthy eating by getting restaurants in place with cool open kitchen designs. There is also a restaurant atmosphere that is becoming safer because Nathaniel Ru is implementing the cashless restaurants with some Sweetgreen spots.


People that want to order can use the app. This implementation of technology, combined with things like the Sweetgreen Music Festival and cashless restaurants, takes this chain of healthy restaurants into new arenas. This is a fast food establishment that is just a couple of notches above the standard fast food burger joint. Nathaniel Ru has been taking it up a notch, but he has been careful in pricing. He still wanted to make this food affordable because it is, after all, a casual dining spot.


These restaurants are not everywhere, but that may be the thing that keeps the customers lining up. It is much easier to get the out of towners to visit this establishment when they may not have one back home. In New York and Chicago this may certainly be part of the appeal. Customers are going to make their way to the spots that Nathaniel Ru established in these areas because these are cities where visitors come from all over the world. The same can be said for the Los Angeles location in California. People that have never been there will suddenly want to find out what all the fuss is about. This is the power of marketing that Nathaniel Ru has been aware of. The advertisements for Sweetgreen show off some delicious menu items. People cannot help but to wonder what this restaurant is about.


Anyone that read about the millions that venture capitalists have decided to pump into Sweetgreen would be intrigued by the Nathaniel’s vision. This is one of those establishments that have managed to lure customers because there is a strong amount of menu variety. Nathaniel Ru has actually created menus that different in accordance to location. This adds even more of a thrill to Sweetgreen restaurants.