The Top Leadership at Capital Group

Timothy Armour is an equity portfolio manager. Timothy is the CEO and Chairman of Capital Group. He studied at Middlebury College where he earned his Bachelor’s degree in economics. Tim is based in Los Angeles. Timothy has over 33 years experience in the investment industry. Tim acquired the experience at Capital Group. Timothy Armour is termed as one of the world’s largest active fund managers. Tim is the Principal Executive Officer and Chairman of Capital Research and Management Company, Inc. which is part of Capital Group. Timothy also serves as the chairman of the Capital Group Companies Management Committee.

Timothy started his investment profession at Capital Group when he participated in the Associates Program and was later promoted to an equity investment analyst. He worked with US service companies and global telecommunications during that time. Timothy Armour’s experience and skills in investment have earned him a reputation as a very skilled investment expert. He offers his investment advice to firms and individuals on the best ventures that they should invest. Tim joined Capital Group in 1983. He has been committed to giving his best towards the growth and success of the company. This is what led to his promotion as the chairman of the enterprise.

Timothy Armour was elected as the chairperson of Capital Group by the firm’s Board of Directors on 28th July 2015. His new mandate was to plan, communicate, and implement the general business strategies of Capital Group. He is also responsible for the general operations of the firm. Tim’s succession plan had been in motion for some years. It was later made formal after the former Capital Group’s Chairman Jim Rothenberg passed away. Timothy was termed as the best qualified for the position of chairperson. The company needed his leadership skills to forge forward. Timothy said that the entire Capital Group was mourning and saddened by Jim Rothenberg’s death. He said this upon his election. He added that his presence will be missed and that the company had lost a purposeful leader.

Timothy believes in teamwork. He states that the firm’s management committee together with its 7,600 associates will work hard to keep the 84-year long legacy of the enterprise. Tim Armour’s advice to those who would wish to venture into the world of investment is that they should first to understand the basics of investments and select the places they want to invest in carefully.

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If You Want The Most From Magnises, Don’t Forget To Buy A Pass

If you were standing in line at a hot New York City nightclub and saw two people go right through the entrance door, you might think that they had some kind of insider contact to be able to bypass being hassled at the door. It may be possible that the people knew the club owner or someone else on the inside that got them through the doors, but it’s also possible that the person had a Magnises membership with a ClubPass. The ClubPass is just one of the great lifestyle perks that Magnises is now offering to its members, and this pass is crucial for anyone who likes to go clubbing.

Hitting the nightclubs in New York City is something that a lot of young people like to do because it’s a lot of fun and offers a great way for them to socialize and to dance with others. Anyone who’s ever been to a New York City nightclub may know what it’s like to have to stand in line for a long time, and you can never expect to get inside unless you know someone who will definitely let you through the doors on Now, with a Magnises membership, you no longer have to know someone on the inside because your Magnises card gets you inside.

With your ClubPass, you’re guaranteed entrance any time you go to a nightclub, so worrying about going inside is never something you need to think about. If you’re interested in getting any other types of passes, consider the HotelPass from Magnises as well, especially if you like staying in hotels here and abroad. With the HotelPass, you’ll easily be able to find a luxurious hotel that will come at a discount, whether it’s a slight discount or a significant one that’s discounted $150 or more for a single night.

The Dream Hotel works directly with Magnises to give the best discounts for their hotel rooms, and using the HotelPass can easily get you a fantastic discount, and when you stay at hotels, you can also look forward to possibly getting a free room upgrade as well. The perks don’t just stop there with a Magnises membership because there are two other passes that are great for members who want something extra. The SportsPass on will never allow you to sit in another bad seat if you want better seating when you go to a sports game, so you’ll enjoy the game more.

Also, don’t forget the WorkPass, which can give you the low price of $500 monthly for your co-working space at Alley, and you’ll also enjoy other great business perks that can help your company to thrive. Magnises is primarily known for its membership giving exclusive access to parties and more, but Magnises is trying to be an overall lifestyle change for its members, giving them access to great parties, exclusive events, restaurants, bars, nightclubs and more. While having a Magnises membership, absolutely anything is possible, including a life of fun. See:

How Cleansing Conditioner Will Give Your Hair New Life

While many follow the culturally ingrained “shampoo, rinse, repeat” treatment on their hair for their daily shower, more and more people are regretting the toll it takes on their locks. While skipping out on washing your hair is one way to allow its natural oils to keep your strands healthy and vibrant, cleansing conditioner offers an attractive alternative. This is especially true since not very many people are willing to skip out on washing their hair and risk making their hair look oily and flat.

While all hair types are stripped of natural oils and damaged by frequent shampooing, fine and dry hair is especially negatively effected. The frizziness that results often takes more work and time to combat with additional products and straightening. Using a daily cleansing conditioner will gently cleanse and condition.

WEN hair care by Chaz has several cleansing conditioners options for all hair types. These products protect hair’s health and make it much more manageable as well. The benefit over using regular conditioner alone is that cleansing conditioner leaves hair feeling clean. Using regular conditioner alone can quickly leave hair feeling greasy and limp. WEN cleansing conditioner can easily be applied during a shower without adding time and hassle to your regular routine.

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After thoroughly rinsing your hair, the product includes instruction on how much cleansing conditioner to apply based on hair length. Work the product evenly through your hair. The product can also be used on your scalp leaving it clean like a normal shampoo would. After another rinse, apply half the amount and rinse again. Follow your routine by leaving a small amount in your hair as a leave in conditioner. Due to the natural ingredients and extracts used in WEN products, your hair will be left silky and smooth with a beautiful natural smell.

Purchase WEN hair care products online.

While deviating from the regular routine of using shampoo can be scary, cleansing conditioners are quickly gaining ground as a popular alternative. Not all cleansing conditioners are created equally, so doing product research first is recommended. If your hair is damaged and frizzy from shampoo alone, cleansing conditioner could do wonders in regaining moisture without sacrificing hygiene.

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The Life of Geoffrey Cone

Tax lawyer Geoffrey Cone assures people that it is a very false rumor concerning New Zealand being a tax haven. A tax haven is described as a county has no or low tax regulations, there is no transparency, and there is no exchange of information with other countries. The truth is not what the media wants you to believe: That New Zealand is chock full of rich people living the high life with top financial deals, taking full advantage of the country’s tax haven status. The reality is that New Zealand isn’t even close to being OECD’s list of worldwide tax havens.


This organization’s opinion of such matters really counts. Their 2002 OECD Model Agreement on Exchange of Information on Tax Matters is the standard by all the world defines tax havens. New Zealand follows this definition so closely that it was one of the first countries to be placed on its list for countries who abide by their rules and regulations. New Zealand not only abides by OECD regulations, it has tax laws and procedures that are tighter than just about anyone else. And it boasts a transparency that is among the top in the world.


Near the top of leadership in the New Zealand tax lawyer world is the aforementioned Geoffrey Cone. Cone has been highly involved with tax law in the country since 1980. He first attended and graduated from the University of Otago, New Zealand with a post-graduate degree in tax and trust law. Immediately after graduating in 1980, he began practicing law in Auckland, New Zealand and later in Christchurch, New Zealand. He rose in the ranks of tax experience during those years, appearing in the courts as lead counsel many times.


In 1995, began work as a litigator for the British West Indies. Then in 1997 he finally returned to Auckland to develop his own practice. In 1999, he officially opened Cone Marshall Limited for business. To this day, the firm specializes in international trust and tax planning, but also provides trustee and trust management services. Cone is not all business. He is devoted to developing his life with his wife as well. Cone’s success has afforded them a very comfortable lifestyle. The two are especially proud of a home they purchased in Uruguay in 2010. It was designed and built by famed Argentine architect, Martin Gomez, who has successfully done the same for over 500 homes in the same area. Although the couple did have a few ideas and personal desires for the home, Gomez was basically given free reign to design what he wanted. Gomez ended up building their two gorgeous cabins and three permanent tents on raised platforms around the native trees.

Caring Is Their Way Of Life at The Manse on Marsh

I’ve always been a big believer that the world is a great place when everyone cares and everyone pitches in, and even though it does not always work that way, it should. When it does, everyone is happy and everyone is on the same page. That takes caring and it takes communication. People have to care enough to listen and they have to care enough to hear what the other person is saying. When they listen to what the person is saying, they have to retain that information, remember it, and use it in the future. They can’t let it just fall by the wayside and fall on deaf ears.

There is a reason The Manse on Marsh has won “The Caring Star” award. It is because they communicate and they care. As soon as someone enters The Manse on Marsh, they want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible. They know this is something new for them and new isn’t always a bad thing, but it takes some time to get used to the arrangement and be comfortable with it. The Manse on the Marsh takes the time and effort to find out what makes people tick and what they are looking to get out of the experience.

Once they know that, they keep that reminder in their brain and they recall it for future visits with this resident. They know how to make sure they stay happy and they have all that they need to make sure that their stay at The Manse on Marsh is one to remember and one they will enjoy for a long, long time. They do not want anyone to walk out of there or feel like they didn’t get the most out of it. They would feel as though they cheated them.

That is why they care. When it comes to caring, it is simply a matter of listening to people and taking an interest in them. A lot of people have interesting stories to tell and the more that people listen to them and remember them, the more they get to know them.

Waiakea Executives Discuss Companies New Merger With Whole Foods

Crunchbase revealed that the executives of the Waiakea water production company have recently participated in an interview with a Hawaiian business magazine to discuss the company’s new merger with the Whole Foods franchise. Waiakea’s presence in the Whole Foods establishment represents a major milestone for the water manufacturer.

The Whole Foods franchise is one of the largest health food conglomerates in the world and has facilities in more than 75 countries around the world. Waiakea’s executives have stated that their merger with Whole Foods is extremely exciting for the Waiakea team because the merger will increase visibility of the company’s primary product, introduce the company’s volcanic water to an incredibly diverse audience, and establish Waiakea’s volcanic water as a legitimate health food product.

Increasing the Visibility of Volcanic Water

Waiakea executives have discussed the merger with Whole Foods as it relates to the increase in product visibility for the Waiakea brand. Although Waiakea has had a massive level of success for a start-up, the company’s success pales in comparison to a corporate giant like the Whole Foods franchise. By introducing volcanic water through the venue of Whole Foods, Waiakea executives expect to drastically increase the visibility of the brand of water and increase sales for the company.

Introducing Waiakea’s Product to Diverse Audiences

Waiakea executives also discussed the types of potential new customers that will come in contact with the company’s product through the Whole Foods venue. Executives believe that a Whole Foods introduction will allow the Waiakea Spring brand of volcanic water to be viewed and sampled by a wide variety of individuals. Currently, Waiakea’s volcanic water sales are made up of a large percentage of Hawaiian natives and citizens of Western and costal states. Because of Waiakea’s merger with Whole Foods, the product will be heavily available to citizens in numerous states and countries.

Establish Waiakea’s Volcanic Water As a Legitimate Health Food Product

Waiakea’s executives have expressed excitement on behalf of the company that the merger with Whole Foods will impact the product’s reputation as a legitimate health food product in a positive way. Although the volcanic water produced by Waiakea has always had health benefits, its inclusion in the Whole Foods line up of products will emphasize the products usefulness in the eyes of consumers.

Whole Foods has built a brand based on the service of customers through the provision of healthy products in a grocery atmosphere. According to Forbes, Waiakea water customers can now be assured that their products are worthy of a healthy food status.

Care That Puts A Person’s Mind At Ease

Whenever someone has to send a loved one to an assisted living facility, a lot goes through their head and they might have a lot of worries. They perhaps have questions like, “Did I pick the right place? Are they going to fit in OK here? Will they be happy?” It is only natural. They are used to seeing them frequently and being around them and they are wondering how they will adapt to the new environment. However, it does not take long for them to realize that The Manse on Marsh is the right choice, especially when reading that they have won “The Caring Star” award. That speaks for itself.

This is an honor that means a lot in the assisted living facility. It is like winning the Super Bowl for them. It is based on reviews and feedback from people that have stayed there and voice their views on what they liked about it and what worked for them while they were there. One of the things that stands out is the fact that on their website, they talk about enriching people’s lives. When sending someone to The Manse on Marsh, it is important that they stay true to themselves. No one wants to put them in a position where they have to feel like they are out of place.

That is why they keep them active and they truly listen to what they have to say. Every person is different. Some people are more independent and like to keep to themselves and do their own thing and if they need help, they will ask for it. There are others that might enjoy company and enjoy keeping busy. There are plenty of daily activities to do at The Manse on Marsh and there truly is never a dull moment, which is the beauty of it. They never have to worry about being bored.

They have catered this place to make sure that everyone gets out of it what they want to get out of it. They are not going to tell people how to live their lives and what is best for them. They know themselves better than anyone.