Exploring the Brilliant Resume of Mr. Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is an American investor with a knack for writing, public speaking and philanthropy. As of today, his broad portfolio includes the over fifteen companies he either funded, founded or co-founded. Eric Pulier’s main specialization lies in raising capital. Today, he’s feted for raising hundreds of millions of dollars from leading hedge fund investors in the states and beyond.

Financing Startups

Here are some of the companies Mr. Pulier has worked his magic on Digital Evolution, US Interactive, Media Platform, Akana, Desktone, ServiceMesh and the Enterprise Cloud Leadership Council. What’s more, Eric is heavily involved in charity and philanthropy. Here’s a few examples of the organizations and causes the tech-investor supports: Trident Capital, eCompanies, Monitor Ventures. The investor continues to finance startups in the tech and in the media realm.

Painted Turtle

A perfect example of his altruistic nature is evident in a particular initiative he works with. It’s called The Painted Turtle, a summer camp for children suffering from chronic illnesses. Another selfless endeavor he participates in goes by the name of the X-Prize Foundation. Ideally, X-Prize is a non-profit organization which aims to come up with solutions to the biggest conundrums facing humanity today.

The mission of the Painted Turtle initiative is to reach out to kids threatened with terminal diseases and inspire them to transform into greater persons. The kids get a chance to interact and share with each other through the camping experiences. Additionally, the organization caters to the medical needs and the education of the ailing youngsters.

Clinton Global Initiative

Before launching Painted Turtle, Eric was involved with People Doing Things. This company was started way back in the early nineties and it focused on  health care, education among other issues solving using technology. Soon thereafter, in 1994, he began yet another IT firm, Digital Evolution. Four years later, Digital Evolution merged with US Interactive LLC. Eric has done extensive work with the Clinton Global Initiative.

About Eric Pulier

Eric is based in L.A, but he was born in Teaneck, New Jersey. He graduated from Harvard University. He graduated in 1988 with a Magna Cum Laude. He studied English and American Literature, Computer Science, Visual, and Environmental Studies. He has co-authored two academic publications: Understanding Enterprise SOA and the Enterprise Industrial Complex.

For more information please visit http://ericpulier.com

The Labaton Sucharow’s Services Assist a SEC Whistleblower to get a Reward.

Labaton Sucharow is a law firm that has been highly recognized since it was established about 50 years ago. The company started offering its services to the informants of the SEC in 2010 after the Congress passed the Consumer Protection Program and the Dodd-Frank Act of Wall Street, which led to the formation of the whistleblower protection program. According to the plan’s laws, the informants of the SEC are entitled to job security and some money due to the information that they offer. A whistleblower who had hired the services of Labaton Sucharow law company was recently offered $17 million as a reward for volunteering to give useful information to the SEC. Only one person has ever received an amount that is higher than this since the whistleblower protection program, was created five years ago.

The whistleblower’s information was crucial to the SEC since it was used in uncovering several illegal undertakings that were being run by one of the principal companies in the finance industry. It is essential to hide the identity of the whistleblower from the public, and therefore, the SEC did not offer much information about the case. The informant was also represented by the Labaton Sucharow, and therefore, people did not know him. Identities are concealed to prevent the source from being blacklisted by the employers.

Jordan A. Thomas who is the former deputy director of the SEC and the currently head of the Labaton Sucharow believes that it was wise for the informant to offer information to the commission. He has been assisting the company in providing excellent services to its clients by using his adequate knowledge in securities. Jordan was one of the founders of the whistleblower protection program.

Approximately a third of the money that the SEC collects as sanctions should be rewarded to the whistleblower for giving helpful information. The laws also ensure that they have job security, and according to the Dodd-Frank Act, employees are prohibited from trying to revenge to them. Many efforts have been made to ensure that the informants are free to provide intelligence to the SEC. This includes creating the Investor Protection Fund, which currently holds about $400 million that are dedicated to rewarding the informants in time. The commission also guarantees that the attorney-client privilege is used to protect the information that they offer. The whistleblowers are not required to pay any fees when they consult the commission. Non-English-speaking individuals can also report cases since the SEC currently gives free translators.

The Kabbalah Centre and the Tithe Test

Have you ever wished that there was a deeper purpose to life than just juggling your busy schedule and responsibilities at work? The Kabbalah Centre exists to help tired people find the purpose that they are seeking. The need to have meaning is deep in the soul of humanity. Ancient Jewish Rabbis use mystical wisdom to remove evil from their lives. Until recently, Kabbalah was unknown to the general public. Today, the Kabbalah Centre is making people from all over the world be more effective and ready to cope with the challenges of their day.

The tithe test is an excellent way to watch Kabbalah Centre at work in your life. This ancient method of prosperity has many skeptics, most ironically in the religious community. But those who practice the tithe report vast satisfaction from doing so. What is the tithe? In the ancient prophet book of Malachi, the Creator commands the Jews to give him 10% of their first earnings, to feed the poor and the priests. He then says, “Test me in this, and see if your barns will not have plenty.”

Although modern airheads may scoff at applying this spiritual tool to their life, “What? I give to get?” Those who do so often report immense satisfaction. You can try the test just for a month, and then see what occurs. Kabbalah working in action for you. Make a list of your current income. Chop off the first 10% and give it to your favorite charity or altruistic cause. Do this for a month. Record what spiritual happens in your life, and compare it with the month where you did not give. Many people who do the tithe test find their doubts about the Creator’s existence vanishing, new jobs appearing out of nowhere, and relationships being restored. The power of the tithe is still there for all to try.

Some of the wealthiest people in the world tithe, and they often attribute their success to obedient practice of Kabbalah’s wisdom. You too can join the many who have found joy and growth from practicing Kabbalah. We look forward to hearing from you. Call us at 1-800-KABBALAH to get more info.

Dr. Avi Weisfogel And Dental Sleep Master Addresses Sleep Apnea

Over the past few years medical professionals have become increasingly aware of sleep apnea’s destructive effects. Research shows a correlation between sleep apnea and stroke, cardiovascular disease, diabetes and other serious conditions. This has caused a sense of urgency in the search for effective treatments for the condition. Dr. Avi Weisfogel and his Dental Sleep Masters has long been in the forefront of advancements in research, diagnosis and treatment for sleep apnea. This is important because about 90% of people with the condition don’t realize they have it.


Increased awareness of sleep apnea and its manifestations is an area Dr. Weisfogel and Dental Sleep Masters has taken the lead. They’ve created a new model that employs certified sleep physicians and their sleep labs along with physicians offering primary and secondary care. This model provides better care and results for patients and increases opportunities for physicians, sleep physicians and dentists to offer clinical support sleep apnea patients.


The devices and breakthroughs developed will increase and become better and more user friendly in coming years because of it. These devices must be able to help airway muscles to stay open. Dr. Weisfogel’s model is helpful for finding solutions designed to benefit more of the general population previously undiagnosed. It will also increase business opportunities for medical professionals.


Dr. Weisfogel has a BA in psychology and biology at Rutgers and attended New York University College of Dentistry where he earned his DDS. Since then he’s worked with sleep disorders and sleep treatments for many years. He established Old Bridge Dental Care, his first dental practice, in 1999. The practice got rave reviews and was voted Best Dentist several times. During that time he began working on ways dentists and physicians can help people suffering with sleep disorders. He then went on to establish several dental related companies to help people with dental related sleep disorders.


Dr. Avi established Dental Sleep Masters in 2014 to help dentists use oral appliances to address sleep disorders. His work has helped a growing number of dentists identify and treat patients with sleep apnea and other sleep disorders.