Doe Deere And Her Path To Success

No matter your style, Doe Deere has something for you. As the self proclaimed “Queen of Unicorns”, Deere has taken the cosmetics world by storm and is determined to share her message of freedom to express your unique inner self through the magic of makeup to the world.

Born in Russia, Deere moved to the US when she was 17 years old. She describes herself as creative and imaginative, and her ambition shows in her business that she has built herself. One of her biggest dreams as a child was to become a musician, a dream she saw to the end when she moved to New York and put out an album. During her time in the music industry she learned a lot about marketing as well as appreciation for fans who took the time to come to events and support her.

While she has lots of love for the music industry and her time in it, she is thrilled with her transition into the world of makeup. She has always had an entrepreneurial spirit, something that began when she had her own business as a 13 year old back in Russia. She sold temporary tattoos, a popular novelty at the time, and she loved it. She discovered the fun accessory and built her business by sharing her discovery with friends and classmates. She made them cool and was able to build her own business selling them because she understood marketing even at such a young age.

When Deere moved to New York she didn’t realize how much it would change her life. While her music didn’t end up being her permanent career, it was an important part of her life. Not only does she look back at her time in music fondly, but it is where she met her husband. They were in a band together and she credits their ability to collaborate together as the beginning of their entire relationship. It helped the two of them learn to work well together.

Her path took a different turn when she found her way into the makeup industry. She has used her platform as a creator and seller of products to find for herself and other women, the freedom to express themselves. She has taken makeup to a whole new level and broken all the rules to create products that not only can work for anyone, but give women the freedom to discover and create who they really are. It is a personal expression of each and every woman.

She also has a few words of advice for younger women who share her ambition. Every person has something special to offer the world, a special and unique quality, and they should all tune into that special part that separates them from everyone else. Once you find it, you’ll start to blossom and reach your true potential. Be in touch with yourself and go where you love, and you’ll be who you were always meant to be.

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The Sacrifices That Topple Regimes

The fight for democracy and human rights isn’t an easy one. Dictators and autocrats keep a firm grip on the power they hold over their countries. Those who stand up to them risk prison, assaults, and even death for resistance. Those who are to assemble against their oppressive governments need someone to stand behind them in their pursuit of justice.

Thor Halvorssen has made himself the backbone of the global fight for human rights across the world. His key organization, the Human Rights Foundation, is exactly the voice needed to draw attention to these atrocities and unite the world against oppression.

Born and raised in Venezuela his family has a long history of fighting oppressive governments. Halvorssen’s father was incarcerated for his efforts to expose the corruption of the Venezuelan government was his mother, a descendant of revolutions like Simon Bolivar, was shot by supporters of the government.

Even within his extend family there are many examples of freedom fighters such as his cousin who is currently held as a political prisoner by the Venezuelan government.

Educated abroad at the University of Pennsylvania he quickly became aware of the human rights violations across the world. This led Halvorssen to create the Human Rights Foundation he currently heads at the moment.

As president of HRF he has placed his life in danger in order to help those living far from his home country a chance to enjoy a life free from the oppressions that are all too common in the developing world.

He has faced incarceration, threats on his life, and more in his efforts to change the world. Despite these dangers Thor Halvorssen brushes the dust off his shoulders and continues to strive for a better world.

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The Family Place’s Capital Campaign Gets A Boost From James Dondero’s $1 Million Challenge Grant

Highland Capital Management president, James Dondero, just announced that the company’s $1 million challenge grant. The grant goes to The Family Place, which is one of the top organizations in Dallas that assists victims of family violence. In the next few months,

The Family Place aims to raise $ 2.8 million as part of its Legacy Campaign.

The grant is managed by Highland Capital Management’s charitable giving arm, Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. Running until April 4, 2017; Highland will match 50 percent of any funds that are raised for the campaign to a tune of $ 1 million. Since the announcement on October 4, The Family Place has managed to raise $ 200,000 for its Legacy Campaign.

The campaign’s aim is to raise $ 16.8 million. It only remains with $ 2.8 million to meet the goal. Highland Capital Management’s challenge grant will facilitate the organization finish its fundraising. According to James Dondero, the grant is a response to the call to action by Mike Rawlings the Dallas Mayor, and David Brown the Dallas Police Chief. They want the community to assist in solving the life threatening concern in Dallas.

Dondero noted that Dallas’ civic community gets things done. Additionally, Highland Capital Management was pleased by The Family Place’s implementation of the concept in a year. That is through passionate philanthropic support. He pointed out that they were proud to invest in collaboration with the thoughtful and most generous in the community.

Paige Flink, The Family Place’s CEO noted that for any person considering the endeavor to offer life changing services to family violence victims, the campaign offered a great opportunity. That is for them to increase the impact of their contribution. The legacy campaign supports the construction of the latest Central Dallas Counseling center named after Ann Moody. It also supports its operations.

The center caters for family violence victims. It has modern facilities including a centralized hotline center, emergency shelter bedrooms, and a medical clinic. Annually, more than 2,000 victims will be served by the building. This information was first reported on PRNewswire.

About James Dondero
James Dondero is a leading credit and equity markets professional based in Dallas, Texas. He is the president of Highland Capital Management. Jim is a certified management accountant. He is an alumnus of the Mclntire School of Commerce. He graduated with honors in finance and accounting from the University of Virginia.

Dondero has been a pioneer in creating credit oriented solutions in addition to collateralized loan obligations. Starting with the Morgan Guaranty Training program, Dondero went on to serve in leading firms including American Express before co-founding Highland Capital Management. Additionally, he is an avid supporter of philanthropic efforts in public policy as well as education.
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Diversant Giving the Best to Clients World Over

Diversant is a fully-certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise, and it is also the largest Africa-American owned IT staffing company in the United States. Diversity’s products and services are designed to offer the best and original practice, aimed at meeting the needs of the clients, community and the associates they serve. They serve as they are applying a review tactics and engaging their customers as partners in their business, helping them solve critical problems rather than playing the role of a commodity supplier.

Diversant is a leading company that offers a broad range of IT staffing and diversity products that include IT staff augmentation, innovative diversity solutions, as well as direct hire of staff. Apart from the IT services, Diversity also inspires resourceful thinking, leads to more actual issue solving as well as fostering innovations. The organization is of an advantage to the local community as it assists them to build strong markets, and a competitive edge to those individuals who have a clear understanding of how to controls the market strength. To help the community and the people, they have a program that is well designed to assist in the promotion of diversity both in the supply chain for talent achievement and workplace.

Diversant has a long success history of offering their services and products to major sectors that drive the United States economy. Since its foundation, it has continued to surpass in support of a wide range of industries to realize their IT staffing and Diversity objectives. Diversant also connects IT professional candidates with other firms, and they have always ensured that the candidates are sufficiently skilled with IT knowledge and they retain extensive industry specific experience. The candidates also have a thorough understanding of the particular industry that the organization serves. Diversant is devoted to offering their products and services at the maximum reliability following the rule and core values of business practice.

John Goullet is the Principal of Diversant LLC. IN 1994 Goullet founded Info Technologies Inc. and was the Chief Executive Office. Before establishing his firm, John worked as a computer consultant, and he then served as an IT staffing accountant executive. John graduated from Ursinus College and since then he has been passionate about improving the technology world through IT. He serves as the chairman of Diversant LLC, and he focuses his Technology skills on understanding the corporate climate, and the IT staffing needs that his clients want and goes ahead to match them with the personality and the work style of his consultant and skills and set them to meet his customer’s needs.

The 3 Reasons Why You Need Richard Blair’s Investment Solutions

Richard Blair is a reputable investment advisor based in Austin Texas. He founded Wealth Solutions with an aim of creating change in people, small businesses and families. Richard uses his wealth of experience in investment to teach people how to make investments and grow wealth. Since 1994 when he Started Wealth Solutions, he has been providing unbiased advice to clients around the world.

Richard has for years helped his clients plan for retirement. He uses well tested methods to ensure that they have a comfortable retirement that is based on their income levels. Below, we look at the reasons why you need Richard Blair’s investment solutions.

Long-Term Thinking

Richard Blair thinks long term when working on client’s investment goals. He ensures that he has established his client’s long term goals before charting the path to achieving the goals. Also, He looks at the size of his client’s goals and uses the projections to tailor his accounts so that he can reach them. By knowing what your investment dreams are, Richard Blair will advise you on how to plan yourself properly so that you can achieve your long term goals. These plans can go for 10, 20 or even 50 years.

Diversify Your Portfolio

When most people think of investment, they think of putting their money in companies that they are familiar with. However this may not bring the maximum amount of income for it may not be doing well in the market. While a normal investor probably thinks of stocks as the only method of investment, Richard Blair knows of bonds, CDs and other investment tools that can better help grow your portfolio better.

Stay Ahead of the Market

Unlike people who study the market on the weekend, Richard Blair studies the market everyday and thus is well conversant with what is happening in the financial market on a day to day basis. This puts him in a better position to make good investments decisions unlike a person who is in the market for a limited amount of time every week. Richard Blair knows that, while some stocks may be low now, they will probably be higher in a near future. This puts Richard Blair of Wealth Solutions at a better position to grow your wealth.

According to Crunchbase, when looking to make investment, you need the ideas of Richard Blair Wealth Solutions so as to think long term, diversify your portfolio and think ahead of time.