The Growing Career of Crystal Hunt

Crystal Hunt’s career started off a the age of 17 years. As a teenager, she was an actress for four years on a day time TV show for CBS called the Guiding Light. She never knew this was the beginning of her career. It ended where she played in one movie (The Derby Stallion) with a famous teenage actor and in another movie (“Sydney White”)with a famous teenage actress. Her career was going moving very fast because she was an awesome actress. She played in some commercials and advertisement as well. Crystal Hunt always from place to place staring in different TV series and movies.

After four years on CBS with the daytime series (One Life To Live) and being an actress for two major motion films (23 Blast an Queens of Drama), She returned to daytime Television and started another TV series. She did this daytime series for 3 years before moving on to more opportunities. Crystal Hunt is also a film producer and she is currently working on her Executive Producer Title. She is also nominated for an Emmy at the awards and she received it for Outstanding Younger Actress for Daytime TV Drama Series. She was an outstanding actress in the work that she did for CBS and the motion pictures that she did. She extended her talent by the development of her performance to make the career by outstanding and interesting to watch. In the production of her first film, she continues on with her success as of today.  Follow along on Crystal Hunt’s official Facebook page, which she keeps for fans and interested parties.

George Gason’s Press Conference & Other Details

On March 1, 2016, District Attorney George Gascon announced at a press conference that he filed on misdemeanor and felony charges against one current and three former deputies in San Francisco, California. When he was a police chief, he was really close to the police union that he is now criticizing as being obstructionist and indifferent about the police department diversity. As a matter of fact, he even made a few racially derogatory remarks when he was heavily drinking one night with the union leaders. And with all of this in mind, Gary Delagnes, former Police Officers Association’s president, made some assertions in a sworn declaration to a blue ribbon task force concerning Gascon deliberately setting up to look for allegations of homophobia and racism within the department.

With this situation, the detailed allegations of Gascon, Delagnes, and another witness are as follows:

1. Eight days proceeding Gascon’s appearance in front of the panel on February 22, Delagnes submitted a declaration. Gascon testified in front of the panel that the police union encourages the Police Commission or chief of police the ability to implement reform that is not for better purposes.

2. With Delagnes being on the force for 25 years, and served as POA president for nine years, he is known for his verbal insults, and he saves the worse for his declaration. He stated his recounting of a 2010 dinner with Gascon; Martin Halloran, current POA President; and another union rep in Cambridge, Mass. where Gascon was drinking heavily and made several derogatory remarks about minorities. He said that Gascon was loudly animated about an African American approaching him to ask him to control his behavior because he was offending his family.

3. On the other hand, Gascon announced criminal charges against deputies allegedly forcing inmates to fight one another. He did this in San Francisco at the Hall of Justice.

4. Halloran verifies Delagne’s account, but neither Delagnes, nor Halloran give specifics. Halloran only states of the declaration speaking for itself, and Delagnes said that he will provide more details if required to testify by the blue ribbon panel of Gascon.

Others involved with this situation has stated their thoughts for or against Delagnes, and there are other ongoing statements about this situation as they continue to investigate. For more information, you can click here.

Newark Community Economic Development Corporation Welcomes Kevin Seawright

The Newark Community Economic Development Corporation (Newark CEDC) is pleased to announce their new team member, Kevin Seawright. Seawright has experience in accounting, diverse capital management, as well as operations. Seawright has contributed to developing better communities along the East Coast for over 13 years. The Newark CEDC, working toward economic development by attracting, growing and bringing in new businesses, is pleased to bring Seawright on as a team leader.

Seawright has experience in the financial management of government agencies. His resume includes serving as the Managing Fiscal Officer in Baltimore dealing with Aging and Retirement. The new system he implemented saved the agency over $100,000. In addition, he worked as the Payroll Director in Baltimore City for the Housing Authority. He then became the Department of Recreation and Park’s Chief Financial and Facilities Officer. With such extensive experience in the management of these agencies, he was then appointed Deputy Chief Operating Officer for the Department of Education, a position he retained for 6 years. Moving on to dabble in real estate, Seawright worked as a strategic partner at Tito Contractors in Washington, DC. His position as the strategic partner for Finance and Human Capital gave him experience in small business development and real estate.

Currently, XRepublic writes that Seawright is using his knowledge and expertise to help the economy in the city of Newark. His mission is to increase economic development through his work with the Community Economic Development Corporation. He will also be collaborating with the Economic & Housing Development programs to maintain and increase community growth. An addition goal is to facilitate the grown of small and minority businesses, create more jobs, and in general, make the quality of life better for the residents of Newark.

Formerly Brick City Development Corporation (BCDC), Newark CEDC was founded in 2001. It was renamed and reorganized in 2014. Some of the areas this corporation deals in is improvement grants, development loans for large-scale real estate projects, counseling for businesses and entrepreneurs, discount advertising at local theaters, and exemptions and tax credits at the State level. Kevin Seawright’s experience in everything from accounting to project management will be an asset to this diversified organization. From his positions in government, real estate and education, to his community involvement, he brings experience and insight to his leadership position. Seawright has served on the advisory board for the Babe Ruth Museum and has coached youth sports. His has also held memberships in the American Society for Public Administration, in the National Association of Black Accountants and in the National Forum for Black Public Administrators.  Learn more about Kevin from the man himself in his LocalTalkNews interview.

HRF’s Thor Halvorssen on Fox discusses Democratic Socialism

Thor Halvorssen discussed the problem with democratic socialism with Trish Regan. On the precept that Senator Bernie Sanders wants America to be a socialist country, Halvorssen wants to explain what problems can exist if such a shift would occur.


Halvorssen goes on to say that most Bernie Sanders supports do not truly understand the definition of socialism. He explains that some countries like Denmark, Norway and Sweden have socialist policies, but not a socialist government. He states as long as there are branches of government and separation of powers, socialism can thrive. However, if a government decides to take control, socialism is a threat to basic human rights.


Countries with socialist government such as Venezuela are said to be a violation of basic human rights. The ability of a government to “set prices” and to inflict “looting of personal property” can become a humanitarian crisis with massive shortages in the region. Halvorssen has first-hand experience with the problems of a socialist country. His father was a political prisoner in Venezuela, his mother was shot by the regime of Hugo Chavez and currently his cousin is in prison in Venezuela.
Ironically, Halvorssen has made the largest possible contribution to Senator Bernie Sanders. He believes that having a democratic socialist in the White House is much better than having supporters of dictators in the White House. He states that both front runners for each party is a huge issue. He states that the current democratic front runner has ties with many dictators throughout the world, accepting millions upon millions of dollars.

Information for Thor Halvorssen:

Survey And Superhero Charities At Skout


Skout is a free application that can be downloaded on any smart phone. It puts people in touch with other people in their community or around the world. Skout recently launched a new feature on their application that allows people to talk to other people in different countries around the world, so you can get to know people in places that you would like to visit before you even arrive there. This feature is a fun, innovative way to get to know a culture that is different than yours, and you might make some valuable friendships in the process. People are using Skout for all kinds of things, from making online friends to finding romantic relationships. It is easy to set up an account on Skout because the application walks your through the entire process, and it is completely free to use Skout.

Buying Gifts On Skout

Users have the option to buy gifts on Skout in order to show their appreciation of the new friends they have made on the application. It is customary (although not required, of course) to give a gift to a person that you have been talking to on Skout. There are all kinds of fun gifts that developers on Skout have worked hard to come up with. The developers usually come up with new gifts associated with events, holidays and cultures. They came up with a bag of potato chips as a gift for National Potato Chip Day. This month is National Superhero Day, so the developers came up with a fun, new gift for this holiday. The gift is superhero themed, and the proceeds actually go to a good cause.

Skout continues to enrich the lives of people in their community by giving back to those in need. The proceeds of this superhero gift will actually go to someone who submitted a wish to the Make A Wish Foundation in the Greater Bay Area. Users on Skout are excited to help contribute to financing a wish of someone who needs a pick-me-up. Everyone enjoys giving back. Now, Skout is making it possible to give back to others through their application. They also created a fun survey about superheroes. The survey results and information about the way they are giving back to others can be found in PR Newswire’s article.

If you want more information, check out this article from PR Newswire.

Finance Guru Brad Reifler Offers Investing Tips For Everyone

Brad Reifler has had an array of success in the world of investing and in an article originally posted in Rueters the guru of finance laid out five premier tips to help anyone invest wisely. Reifler’s first tip is a clear cut rule; be careful about where you put your money. Before putting a penny in a stock or bond make sure you know all of the chargers, risks, and extra fees attributed to the investment you’ve got an interest in. Second, you need to worry about the safety of your money. Third, don’t invest it all in the stock market because nobody knows how it will turn out including professionals who watch the market trends closely. Forth, know who is investing your money and make sure they’ve got your best interest at heart. Finally, Reifler states knowing why you’re investing is an important factor. If you’ve got a clear set of goals then making wise choices on how much and what you invest in will be much easier.

Brad Reifler has had over thirty years of experience in business and finance including forex markets and the world of commodities. Currently he is the CEO of Forefront Advisory, Forefront Capital Management, and their several subsidies. Reifler graduated from Bowdoin College with duel degrees in Economics and Political Science. He founded his first company, Reifler Trading Company, in 1982 which specialized in global derivatives. His company was so successful by 2000 they were bought out by Refco, the world’s leading global derivatives company to date. After the sell of his company Reifler joined Pali Capital where he spent thirteen years as CEO and Chairman. During his time at Pali Capital he led the company to upwards of $200 million in profits and opened up offices for the company abroad.  See more of Brad’s investing credentials on his website.

Why Gary Delagne’s Affidavit has Raised a Storm

A former Police Officers Association head, Gary Delagne recently raised a storm when he swore an affidavit claiming that the police union that he headed was a major impediment to reforms. The allegations were made during a hearing by a task force set up to investigate accusations that the department is riddled with bigotry and homophobia. The investigation team was formed by George Gascon, San Francisco’s District Attorney, and a former police chief.

Delagne himself is a distinguished career policeman having served in the force for over two decades. The last nine years of his service coincided with his presidency of the police union. During his long and successful career in the police department, Gary created a name for himself for being an outspoken defender of fellow officers. Gascon appeared before the taskforce eight days before Delagnes. He attested to the fact that the union has a major influence on the police chief. However, this influence is not beneficial in any way.

Eye-Opening Dinner

Back in 2010, the duo had dinner with the current president of the union, Martin Halloran and a union rep in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The foursome was part of an educative governance forum for police union heads. This was the brainchild of Harvard Law School. Allegedly, alcohol got the better of Gascon who started reminiscing about his service with the police department in Los Angeles. He apparently disparaged minority communities to the extent that an African American patron complained.

Halloran has come to the support of the assertions. Interestingly, both won’t give particulars about the entire incident. A spokesperson of the District Attorney’s office, Alex Bastian failed to respond to the allegations as spelt out in the affidavit. According to him, the document lacks credibility. Delagne claims that he came out after reading in the press that Gascon testified to the panel that the Police Department is worse than it was between 2009 and 2011.

The two have had a healthy working relationship for long and had dinner severally and coffee meetings on Tuesdays. The former POA president was even invited to the district attorney’s wedding. These meetings were mainly used to chart the way forward on issues revolving around the discipline of the officers.

More information about George Gascon:

Creating a Better World From the Ground Up

Law, Business, and Philanthropy
Sam Tabar is an intriguing man of the law. He is a person who upholds integrity and ethics. He is viewed as a prominent capital strategist and a prominent attorney. He also believes in philanthropy too. He offers his numerous skills to the business areas. It is indeed very possible to create a better world. A better world can be created by incorporating ethics and integrity in law. Add this combination into business, and philanthropy also. Sam Tabar is a person who includes the vital ingredients in each of his endeavors. He was able to play a role in a GoFundMe campaign by combining his many skills and abilities. He is informed of financial matters and he knows how money can be generated. He was became inspired to offer his support to South Africa. This was through a GoFundMe campaign. This is a campaign that is proud to assist the many women and children in the Africa and the Asian nations. Law, business, and philanthropy can truly move many mountains and help many people in need.

A Qualified Chief Financial Officer
CrunchBase indicates Mr. Tabar has been with Awearable Apparel since January, 2016. He is viewed, currently, as a highly qualified Chief Financial Officer. This is in Greater New York. His responsibilities include:
* capital raising initiatives
* legal matters
* operational matters
* tax matters
He is more than qualified because he has a remarkable background that is filled with solid experience. He obtained his education at Columbia University. His past employment includes:
* Merrill Lynch
* Sparx Group/PMA Skadde
* Skadden
* Arps
* Meagher & Flom LLP & Affiliates
Mr. Tabar is qualified, highly impressive and his philanthropy endeavors are sure to experience success while creating a better world.

Personal Life and Interests
Sam Tabar seems to include his own personal life and his interests into his endeavors. paints him as a person who does enjoys hosting events. Add traveling as one of his interests. He seems to have a passion for creating a better world for everyone. He includes a bit of his personal life along with some of his interests.

Shared Office Space Is The New Renaissance

via Harvard Business Journal

Shared workspaces have been on the rise in recent years, from small startups to Google’s campuses around the world. This idea, while seemingly trendy, isn’t new. The Renaissance is well known for it’s convergence of ideas and the bloom of creativity that emerged from the time period, and facilitating this explosion of ideas was the idea of communal workspaces.

Artists, scientists, craftsmen, and the patrons who paid them all met in these cooperative spaces fostering and growing their respective crafts. Workshops such as these gave rise to legendary timeless artists and the eponymous renaissance men such as Leonardo DiVinci, who started working side by side with others at a workshop run by fellow innovator Andrea del Verrocchio. Everyone benefited from various aspects of these workshops, like sharing ideas. With so many ambitious minds working so closely not only were ideas turned into action, they started a dialogue between the minds, encouraging new ideas and in the process changing the world. They also combined wildly different disciplines, merging science and art and facilitating new styles of architecture and technology. The result of communal working changed the world forever.

Similarly, today’s communal workspaces attempt to innovate and ambitiously try to change the world through sharing ideas and supporting creativity. Workville, a coworking space located in Manhattan, is a prime example of this innovative type of workspace. Located in the heart of a city known for the mix of people and ideas, Workville fosters this same creativity and ambition. Clients lease an office alongside others, in a beautiful and inspirational space overlooking the legendary city. This close proximity to people who may be completely unrelated in goals or career could potentially lead to innovative breakthroughs. It’s modern and luxurious, inspiring creators and thinkers from across the city.

The position of muse is filled as well, as the offices are located on the 21st floor, and includes a terrace to inspire the best ideas someone can muster. The space offers a stability which may be what pushes brilliant minds over the edge. Starting a dialogue with a diverse group of thinkers leads to eureka moments, which could be the next big thing, or even change the world.

Shared workspaces may have kickstarted one of the most productive and innovative ages of all time, and may very easily do so again. Various viewpoints can solve problems and can be the tipping point for the big ideas people have been waiting for, and the stability of a singular working space can force people to stop procrastinating and finally get to work on the next big thing.

Martin Lustgarten has All you need to know about Investment Banking

Investment banking is about advising clients on complex transactions for all products. It provides capital to enable clients achieve their set goals. The sellers learn how to price their products and how to maintain good seller customer relationships. Buyers as well learn to negotiate when purchasing products. The bank introduces the seller’s products to the buyer for faster and convenient transactions.

Investment banks deal with external clients as well as produce and trade their own products. Their clients include corporations, all financial institutions and government institutions. The bank is profitable if it has connections within the market. This earns it clients in many countries. The bank has to keep checking its financial statements and offer them to investors before purchase. This is to ensure accuracy and security to the potential clients.

In investment banking, the advisory division get paid for services offered. The traders are paid depending on the profit or loss they make. Careers range from financial advisers, sale agents and traders.

Martin Lustgarten

His work involves helping people market their businesses; make investments and helping businesses achieve their goals. His bank has been successful and has closed major financial deals. His bank has received investments from many industries. He has connections across the globe with his services extending to Singapore and Hongkong.Martin educates the public on what to expect in investment banking at times. This has earned him fame in the banking industry.

Martin Lustgarten loves to travel around the world and is on many social media platforms where he keeps up with political and economical news. Martin loves to collect things out of curiosity and sells vintage things. Martin owns a dog shelter and is passionate about helping stray dogs. He is a family man and lives in Miami with his family. To sum up he is very passionate about his work and ensures every client benefits from the transactions.

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